Leveling, Magic

You start with Lesser Magic only spells. In order to unlock the next magic school, Greater Magic, you will need to reach 50 Lesser Magic. You can do this by casting your Mana Missile at enemies which is bound to 5 on the hotbar by default. To heal yourself cast Heal Self which is bound to 4.

All spells can also be leveled by consuming scrolls. These can be crafted with the Scribing skill or bought from other players. The essence ingredients for the spell scrolls can be obtained as loot from monsters or from other players via trading.

There are 10 Magical Schools to be unlocked.

Once you reach Greater Magic rank 50, you will unlock elemental magic schools such as Fire and Water.

  • Lesser Magic       (Already unlocked)
  • Greater Magic     (Requires 50 Lesser magic)
  • Fire Magic           (Requires 50 Greater Magic)
  • Earth Magic         (Requires 50 Greater Magic)
  • Water Magic        (Requires 50 Greater Magic)
  • Air Magic            (Requires 50 Greater Magic)
  • Witchcraft           (Requires 25 Greater Magic)
  • Necromancy       (Requires 50 Witchcraft)
  • Spell Chanting    (Requires 25 Greater Magic)
  • Arcane Magic      (Requires 50 spell chanting)