Commands, Basics

There are various commands you can use, most accessible through a GUI element. Using the /help command shows all available commands you can use. You can start writing any command into the chat while in the action or GUI mode by pressing the Enter key.

Here are some useful commands:

  • /bind key command -- E.g. /bind O taunt_01 or /bind BUTTON_1 laugh
  • /taunt_01, /taunt_02, /taunt_03, /taunt_04, /taunt_05
  • /laugh
  • /show_off
  • /tell firstname lastname message -- Basically a whisper/private message.
  • /stuck
  • /gm_help message
  • /gm_report message
  • /ignore "firstname lastname" reason
  • /gui_persist_save
  • /gui_persist_load


For binding actions to mouse keys: BUTTON_0 is left mouse click and BUTTON_1 is right mouse click.