Controls, Basics

Moving and aiming uses standard basic FPS game controls: WASD and Mouse. When using Archery, Magic or Melee attacks you aim with your mouse and attack with the Left Mouse Button. The Right Mouse Button is bound to the Parry skill by default.

You can alternate between your melee attack styles with the H key. There are two attack styles: horizontal and vertical.

For interacting with various things in the world, press the F key. Some things may have an alternative interaction option which you can access by pressing the G key or by holding the F key.

Pressing mouse right click on a player name in chats opens a small menu which has various commands you can utilize.

Hovering your mouse pointer on top of items and icons shows a small popup window that provides good-to-know information on that item or skill.

Trading with other players can be initiated by going near them and pressing the G key or by holding the F key.