Traveling, Basics

Besides from using the good old walking method, there various ways to get from point A to point B. The are recall skills which can take you to your bindstone, capital city or a house you own or are a tenant of.

Runestones which can be marked using the Teleport Anchor skill. These marked runes have a one time use and will channel a teleport (similar to recalling) which upon completion will consume the runestone and transport the player to where it was marked.

Throughout your travels you may find a variety of Wilderness Portals hidden around the world. These portals do not have any cost and provide one-way travel to another location. Keep an eye out for these on your travel to find out where they will take you!

Then of course there are the mounts and naval ships which are the ideal option for getting around Agon quickly and not missing the scenery. They can also serve a deadly role in combat both in PvP and PvE.