Menu, Basics

The menu has various clickable buttons which open or close GUI elements as not all of them are bound to hotkeys by default.


From left to right:

  • Paperdoll ( P ) - Shows the gear and equipment you’re wearing and various stats.
  • Backpack ( B ) - Your inventory.
  • Crafting (unbound) - Crafting window, use this to make stuff.
  • Skills (unbound) - All your skills, including magical skills.
  • Spells (unbound) - All your spells (not magical skills).
  • Journal (unbound) - Various stats/hiscores and house management, etc.
  • Tasks ( J ) - See your optional tasks here.
  • Clans (unbound) - Manage clan related things here.
  • Conquest (unbound) - See active conquests (sieges) here.
  • Worldmap ( M ) - Shows various things about the Agon.
  • Minimap (unbound) - Minimap which you can zoom in and out with mouse wheel.
  • Status (unbound) - Shows your name, Health, Stamina, Mana and Alignment.
  • Chat - Shows or hides the chat window.
  • Hotbar (unbound) - Show or hide the hotbar.
  • Options (unbound) - Show or hide the options window.
  • Help (unbound) - Access the help pages, which you are reading now.
  • Deliveries (unbound) - Receive stuff bought from the coin shop via this window.
  • Announcements (unbound) - Announcements appear here.
  • Quit - Exit the game.