Core Features

Seamless Open World Sandbox

The world of Agon is a massive, seamless open-world sandbox MMO with no instances, spanning 46 kilometers diagonally and 33 kilometers across. Traverse through any forest, over any mountain or through any jungle without going through a loading screen. In Rise of Agon you are free to travel throughout the entire lands of Agon by foot, on mount or even by sea with various vessels at your disposal. Search for hidden dungeons and treasures, fight formidable foes in ruins or out in fields, or hunt your enemies behind their city walls.

Handcrafted World of Agon:

A River Runs Near the Jungle
  • The world of Agon contains a massive mainland where the six unique races can be found. Each has a capital city along with a few smaller cities that you can choose to live out of. Players can decide to make their home in one of the many player cities and hamlets located here as well.
  • Four subcontinents can be reached by boat (or a long swim!) around the outsides of Agon - the icy lands of Niflheim, the humid jungles of Yssam, the desert wastes of Rubaiyat and the scorched earths of Cairn. These diverse lands house many player cities, hamlets, and villages along with difficult monsters and enemies to seek out.
  • Find ruined castles, search for treasure chests in hidden dungeons, stand your ground against vile monsters, search for vacant homes in player villages or buy items off their player vendors, and live in a handcrafted, seamless open world!


Intense Skill-Based Combat

Breaking the mold from your everyday tab-target MMORPG, Rise of Agon brings a whole new level of fast-paced tactical combat that allows your player skill to truly shine. The game uses a physics based combat system; where every arrow you shoot, spell you cast or weapon you swing has the potential to turn the tides of battle. Outsmart and outplay your enemies with better team coordination, by landing more hits or making sure to keep your allies on their feet. Do you have what it takes to make a name for yourself on the battlefield?

Engage in Skill-Based PvP and PvE:

  • The unique combat system allows you to aim any arrow you shoot, each spell you cast, or swing of your weapon, providing you with a fast paced and intense PVE and PVP MMO experience.
  • Master the control of the skills and spells at your disposal to ensure you do not heal your opponents or damage your friendly combatants in a free-aim system where your actions can help, or hurt your chances of success.
  • Dodge the attacks of monsters in PVE and enemies in PVP. Utilize the arsenal of spells at your disposal to inflict massive damage against your opponents, or learn the tricks of getting away and maneuvering with utility spells.


Character Freedom

In Rise of Agon you have the freedom to be whoever you desire. With no classes or character levels, players raise their offensive skills and stats through in-game actions and by using spell scrolls. Live the lifestyle of your chosing, whether that is a skilled mercenary, renowned crafter, or feared politician. In this sandbox MMO, the choice is yours for the taking in a world that leaves it up to the player.

The Foundation of Player Choice and Freedom:

Ork Relaxing On The Waters Edge
  • You have access to over 200 skills and spells that raise in power when you use them. There are no limitations or restrictions, instead your characters' strengths are based solely on your actions. Are you ready to choose your path?
  • With no artificial restrictions or barriers, choose your weapon, choose your armor, choose your tool and be what you want to be: a fierce warrior, a shady enchanter, a skillful blacksmith, a dangerous mage, a wealthy trader or a brave explorer.
  • Climb to the top of the mountains, explore the beautiful cities of Agon, enter in the deepest and darkest dungeons, sail to remote islands, ride through lava rivers and sand deserts. You can travel everywhere the eye can see, the freedom is yours in our open world sandbox MMORPG.


Risk vs Reward

One of our foundations is the principle of Risk vs Reward. Players who fall victim to other characters or monsters leave behind their tombstone, along with all of the items that they had on them, for other players to take.

If It’s Not In Your Bank It’s Not Safe:

Eyes On The Prize
  • No place in the world of Agon is safe, as players can attack others anywhere in the world.
  • When characters die, they leave behind a tombstone containing all of their armor, weapons and other valuables that they had on their person at the time of death. These items are free for the taking by anyone, whether or not you were the reason for their demise.
  • Seek valuable rewards from sought after monsters or in popular dungeons, but in the world of Agon every possible reward holds it’s own risk. Sometimes that risk may outweigh the reward, so make sure you choose wisely!


Player Driven Economy

Rise of Agon’s economy is driven by the players, where supply and demand control the price of goods on the market. Every weapon and piece of armor can be crafted by those who seek to hone their skills in crafting, along with potions, mounts, ships, and even cities. Trade your wares with others, partake in trade routes across the world, or become your alliance’s most valuable crafter.

Making a Name for Yourself on the Market:

Diversity in Weapons and Armor
  • Equip a harvesting tool and gather resources from trees, rocks, iron nodes, and bushes you find out in the world or from nodes found in player cities.
  • Acquire enchanting materials and resources from monsters, treasure chests, and even trade routes and use them to make new weapons, armor and many other types of items found in game.
  • Supply your friends, allies and even enemies high-end crafted items or valuable resources and make a living as a crafter, enchanter or even trader.


Empire Building and Politics

The world of Agon is heavily dictated by the player's freedom to build empires and form powerful alliances or make terrible enemies. Each guild has the ability to claim a player city, which can be found in numerous places around Agon. If the player city is already owned by another guild, you can become allies with them and utilize their city and resources. If not, you can always declare war and siege the city. Conquering land in Agon is important because the resources and strategic locations of these cities will make your guild prosperous and powerful. Beware of powerful enemies who may want to take your land, or treacherous allies who might backstab you and side with the enemy.

Become a Powerful Leader or Ruthless Mercenary:

Hammerdale Overview
  • Lay claim to one of close to a hundred player cities and hamlets spread across the islands and mainland of Agon. Acquire resources to build up your walls, buildings and defenses in order to hold off those seeking to take your resources or your gear.
  • Declare siege on enemy cities and lay waste to the enemy forces in your way, or gather up your friends to protect a neighboring ally in dire need of help. Develop and deploy siege engines to tear down the doorstep of your enemy and destroy their towers or defend your home on the cannons at your wall.
  • Build strong alliances and conquer areas of the map, become an influential politician who affects the landscape of the land, form a team of feared mercenaries for hire or infiltrate an enemy clan to steal their wealth.  You decide what impact you have in the world of Agon, but remember that every action you take has consequence!


Naval Warfare

Rise of Agon let’s you take your travels, and battles, out into the vast waters of the world. Craft numerous ships from small boats that can fit a few friends to large warships that can carry an alliance, and journey around Agon. Take part in massive naval battles and fight over sea towers or against enemy ships.

Traverse the Seas and Fight Your Enemies:

  • Set sail in one of over twenty naval vessels, ranging from slow and vulnerable rafts to massive warships requiring over a hundred people to fully man. Travel the seas and explore faraway lands, or seek out other ships to take for your own.
  • Experience naval combat like never before and take control of the seas. Captain your ship, man one of the cannons it has, or help repair the incoming damage from enemy ships in massive naval warfare.
  • The most lucrative activity in naval warfare are the Sea Towers. Engage in large scale naval fights over these towers out at on the waters that require teamwork and firepower to take down.


Monsters and Dungeons

Agon is a very dangerous place, inhabited by all kinds of creatures and the like. Throughout your travels you may face adversaries from animals of the wild to the obnoxious creatures born in the darkest and most dangerous places: Zombies, skeletons, golems, trolls, devils, dragons, demons… There are hundreds of monster types in Rise of Agon and dozens of dungeons to seek danger out in.

Fighting the Dangers of Agon:

Red Dragon on the Hunt
  • Visit the frozen caves of Niflheim, the old temples of Yssam, the flying fortress at the center of Agon and take on the challenges, and rewards, that await you!
  • Travel to over two dozen dungeons and fight the horrors that lurk within, but make sure to watch your back for other players with the same idea! In Agon there are no instances of dungeons, so players must be weary of others seeking riches and rewards too.
  • Encounter hundreds of monsters throughout the world who are eager to protect their territory. Use your skill and surroundings to take down enemies ranging from goblins, trolls, demons, dragons, and even kraken!


Villages and Housing

Spread across the lands of Agon are numerous villages where you can find houses, villas and keeps for the taking. Claim one of these spots for your own and invite your friends to stay with you, or set up a vendor where you can sell your wares.

Villa Up Close

Find Your Home in Agon:

  • Find or buy a house deed and decide where to live in one of over 50 villages found in various places around the world. Allow friends to live and share your house with you to base operations out of or to use as a secondary home.
  • Buy and discover numerous house customizations that you can use to decorate your house with. Use player vendors to set up shop and display your wares for traveling players to purchase.
  • Fight over village control points with your clan to reap the rewards of capture or help allies prevent enemies from doing the same.