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Recall and Fast Travel

There are three different recall skills in Darkfall: Rise of Agon. Recalling is a channeled skill which takes up to two minutes to complete. If the process is interrupted by an enemy or if you character moves, your skill will be cancelled and will go on cooldown.


Bindstone Recall

Bindstone Recall takes you to the bindstone that your soul is bound to. By default, your bindstone is the starter town you selected when you created your character. This is indicated by an icon on your map. You can change your bindstone by interacting with another one you find out in the world by pressing "F".

Capital Recall

Capital Recall is only available to players with positive alignment who have a blue status. This skill teleports you to the capital city of your race, providing a lot of convenience as your start your journey in Agon. It has a scaling gold cost and cooldown based on how positive your alignment is. All new characters begin with 10 free uses of Capital Recall.

House Recall

House Recall is the final recall skill which will port you to a house you are a tenant at or owner of. This skill must be purchased from an Arcanist in a non-starter town.


Aside from recalling, there are magical runestones which are found on monsters and can be marked using the Teleport Anchor skill. These marked runes have a one time use and will channel a teleport (similar to recalling) which upon completion will consume the runestone and transport the player to where it was marked. These are a rare and valuable commodity as they can be marked anywhere except within a dungeon!

Wilderness Portal Network

Throughout your travels you may find a variety of Wilderness Portals hidden around the world. These portals do not have any cost and provide one-way travel to another location. Keep an eye out for these on your travel to find out where they will take you!

Wilderness Portal Example


Mounts are the ideal options for getting around Agon quickly and not missing the scenery. They can also serve a deadly role in combat both in PvP and PvE.

Mount Examples

You can craft mounts using the Taming skill which is available for purchase at the Arcanist NPC for 500 gold. You will need a taming whistle in order to open the crafting menu. Every race has their own racial mount they can craft which requires one steedgrass. You can get steedgrass and a taming whistle early on by performing one of your first starter tasks (press "J"), and can also find steedgrass from select monsters and by gathering from bushes with a sickle.

When you craft a mount it will spawn the figurine in your backpack. Double clicking on this figurine will attempt to spawn it wherever your cursor is aimed, or you can place the figurine on a hotbar slot to activate it instead with a hotkey. When spawning your mount it is best to aim slightly in front of you, but it is also possible to spawn it very far away.

To ride your mount interact with it by pressing "F" when next to it. You can also dismount using the same tactic. Move with your mount using your standard movement keys, but you can also jump by pressed "Space" and can sprint by holding down "Shift". Sprinting will slowly drain your mounts stamina bar so be careful!

In order to pack up your mount, dismount and target it while you are close. Press the alternate use key "G" to unspawn your mount. This will take some time and has a cast bar.