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Your First Steps into Agon

If this is your first time in Agon it is highly recommended you follow our simple tutorial which will quickly guide you through the basic elements of this game. This includes controlling your character, accessing and navigating your user interface, using your hotbar, equipping and using your weapons and spells, and will direct you to your first quest giver, the councillor. You can always access and go through the tutorial again by going to the Options menu in GUI mode and clicking on Tutorial.

Tutorial Screens


Starting Basics

Starting Items

You begin your journey with a small amount of basic items, including your starter weapons, tools, reagents, potions, arrows and some gold. Your starter weapons only allow you to gain basic combat skills so you will want to use better equipment as it becomes available, either from monsters or crafters.

You can (re)name bags by clicking them and then pressing "backspace".

The Mandrake, Resin, and Sulfur in your bag are all reagents that are used in your Transfer Spells. These Spells are bound to 6-7-8 on your hotbar.

  • Mana to stamina takes away your mana and gives you Stamina.
  • Stamina to health takes away your Stamina and gives you health.
  • Health to mana takes away your health and gives you mana.

These are some of your most important spells and it would be wise to get used to how to use them! Low tier mobs will drop the reagents required to cast these spells or you can purchase them directly from an Arcanist. You will want to hold onto any of the following:

  • Sulfur
  • Mandrake
  • Ash
  • Nacre
  • Resin
  • Bone


Your weapons are bound to 1-2-3, You start with:

  • Leaf Blade Bound to 1
  • Dawn Staff Bound to 2
  • Conscript Bow bound to 3

You will want to replace these three weapons fast! These are your starter weapons. They never break and also can never be lost, however they have a limited skill progression. To place a new weapon, simply drag it anywhere onto your hotbar.

Speak to the Councillor 

Councillor Image

Press “F” on the NPC and navigate to the Quests tab and accept everything he has to offer. A portion of the quests will award you with a Nectar of the gods, which will permanently increase all of your attributes by 2, until level 25. Follow this quest chain, completing all quests given to you.

Press “M” to open your map and locate the areas of the quests you wish to go.

You will want to be hunting these mobs with mostly Mana Missile, as getting to the Greater Magic school is a highly important task. Press “TAB” to auto sprint, or simply hold shift. Whenever you kill a mob it will drop a grave, then run up to the grave and press “F” on it to open it and you can start to loot everything. Although, most of it will be junk and can be sold to vendors to make some gold early on.

Death and Banking

When you run out of hit points, your character falls to the ground incapacitated and slowly bleeds out. At this point your life is at the mercy of those around you. Another player can either help you up and resurrect you or, if they choose, gank you and finish you off.  When you die you will leave a corpse behind containing everything you had equipped and everything that was in your backpackAnyone who finds your grave is free to loot it. Keep in mind, you cannot lose your three starter weapons. This being said, be sure to bank often and never leave town with more than you can afford to lose.

Upon death you are teleported back to what is called your "bindstone". These are found in NPC cities, in player cities and hamlets, and scattered around the world. Click "F" to bind at one of this stone while standing in front of it to change your respawn location.

Player Bindstone