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Looting & Skinning Monsters

Many monsters inhabit the world of Agon of all sizes and difficulties. Monsters like goblins, undead, hivekin and more inhabit some areas around starter cities. Kill these monsters using your melee weapons, archery, or magic to train your skills and stats and to increase your wealth.

Monster Guide

When you kill a monster they will leave a grave behind, just like players.  This grave can be opened by using the interact key, “F”.  You can loot the items on the grave by either single clicking each item or by conventional drag-and-drop methods.  If you have a skinning knife in your pack when you interact with a monster corpse you will automatically equip and unsheathe it.  You will want to skin everything you kill in Agon as all monsters and animals have valuable resources and materials, including enchanting components, which can be acquired by skinning.

Monster Grave