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About Big Picture Games

Big Picture Games was founded and formed out of a shared passion for the vision of an amazing one-of-a-kind massive multiplayer online game: Darkfall.  The team is made up of dedicated and selfless volunteers from all over the globe, whom have all come together to help raise the franchise to new heights.

Our Team

We’re MMORPG game development professionals by day, and passionate gamers by night. Read about some of the talented individuals developing Rise of Agon.

Customer Support

Ramon “Wolfs” | Customer Experience Manager

Ramon brings over 3 years of customer-focused experience to the team and currently serves as the Customer Experience Manager at Big Picture Games. He’s responsible for overseeing all customer-facing interactions and ensuring that our players have a positive gaming experience with Darkfall: Rise of Agon. In prior roles Ramon was a volunteer moderator for a private Lineage 2 server supporting thousands of players, as well as an administrator for a popular gaming website. When he’s not busy mapping out the customer experience journey, Ramon enjoys studying psychology, traveling, and lifting weights.

Chris “Metalkon” | Lead Customer Service Representative

Chris serves as a Customer Service Representative at Big Picture Games and is well known in Darkfall as an influential merchant, new player mentor, and an all-around positive contributor to the Darkfall community. When not busy helping to solve our customer’s problems, Chris enjoys cooking, gaming, and has an interest in astronomy and science.