Rise of Agon Legal Info

Read the Rise of Agon legal documentation below including our terms of service, privacy policy, and EULA. Have any questions? Contact our support team.

Terms of Termination

As stated in the Rise of Agon Terms of Service, Terms of Use and EULA, Big Picture Games Ltd. reserves the right to permanently terminate this Agreement “without prior notice,” resulting in an immediate and permanent account 'ban' if you engage in behaviour that Big Picture Games considers to be a “serious” violation of any Rise of Agon Terms of Service Agreements. “Serious Violations” of the Rise of Agon Terms of Service Agreement would include the following:

  1. Any behavior that endangers the gaming experience of other players; this includes but is not limited to, disclosing personal information of other players, real life threats, etc...

  2. Hosting, provide matchmaking services for, or intercepting, emulating or redirecting the communication protocols used by Big Picture Games as part of Rise of Agon, regardless of the method used to do so.

  3. Modifying, or causing the modification of any files that are a part of a Rise of Agon installation;

  4. Taking advantage of Rise of Agon in-game exploits;

  5. Creating or using cheats and/or hacks, or any other third-party software designed to modify the Rise of Agon experience;

  6. Using any third-party software that intercepts, “mines”, or otherwise collects information from or through Rise of Agon;

  7. Buying or selling for “real” money or exchange, gold, weapons, armor, or any other virtual items that may be used in Rise of Agon;

  8. Allowing any third person (except for a minor for whom you opened the Account) to play on your Account including, but not limited to, using so-called “power leveling services,” i.e. paying a third person for playing on your Account;

  9. Playing on the Account of a third person including, but not limited to, providing so-called “power leveling services;” and/or

  10. Instituting, assisting, or become involved in, an attack upon either of the two Rise of Agon servers or otherwise attempt to disrupt the Rise of Agon servers.

  11. Misrepresenting character names for the explicit reason to get other players account log in information “scamming/Impersonation”; and/or the use of specific lower case/capital letters to resemble current character or clan names to gain access to accounts, clans other restricted information.