Niflheim, fortress

Rise of Agon: Persistence database update


To the community, old and new.

We've had to come to terms with an issue with the persistent database; what started as a fairly small issue was underestimated and as a result, a large part of the game world persistent database became unsalvageable.
What this means is that character progress and inventories have been lost, and the most recent backup we have for this is December 2022, as during the investigation we realized our backup process has been corrupted during some of the server tweaks done in the past.
As a result, we can only apologize while salvaging as many purchases of premium items, IE skins, GTTS, etc. We're not completely in the red, but it is a challenging position to be in.

No account information has been lost so your gametime, nithron coin balance and activated skins is intact, but what we are going to do going forward is: daily redundant backups, experimenting with a fresh server that utilizes 64-bit tech that we've been testing, etc.
We'd like to have introduced the fresh server sooner, and under better circumstances, but this is how things are.

Thank you to the community for sticking with us through this; you guys make this place keep running, and the community voice is always important to us.

We're sorry, and we're working to fix it. We will provide more updates when we are close to having this server online, all gametime lost during this period, will be added to accounts.


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