Ranked Voting Poll - October 13, 2018


Greetings Agonians,

Thank you all who cast your votes in the first ever Community Patch poll.

We wanted today to present the results and release the Ranked Voting Poll that will help determine what topics get development priority for inclusion in the first community patch so that they can get implemented into the game.

Topic Polling Results

All topics that met a threshold of 60% votes were moved on to development. Here are the results from the recent poll:

Passed Topics

  • Trade route enhancements
    • 86.7% YES / 13.3% NO
  • Full-Loot changes in lawful lands
    • 67.4% YES / 32.6% NO
  • Togglable/Adjustable clan tag icons
    • 72.1% YES / 27.9% NO
  • Clan/Alliance indicators shown on map
    • 80.9% YES / 19.1% NO
  • Floating combat text / combat log changes
    • 66.9% YES / 33.1% NO
  • Runebook shelves in player houses
    • 73.5% YES / 26.5% NO
  • Rare crafting recipes for mob armor
    • 82.4% YES / 17.6% NO
  • Re-implement buff other spells
    • 63.7% YES / 36.3% NO

Failed Topics

  • Champion of the Day mechanic
    • 55.6% YES / 44.4% NO
  • Remove/Reduce screen shake
    • 55.6% YES / 44.4% NO
  • New protection jewelry
    • 54.1% YES / 45.9% NO

Ranked Voting Poll

We are using a voting system called "RankIt" which utilizes the mechanics of Ranked Choice Voting.

Below is the link to the first Ranked Voting poll where you will find the 7 non-combat related topics that made the cut. We will have buff-others re-implemented in the next patch at a reduced magnitude so you will not see this option in the poll.

Click on each topic to prioritize what you deem to be most important, with the first topic you choose being prioritized as #1. Make sure to check that on your "Ballot" you have selected each of the 7 topics, and you can remove topics to reorganize their order before officially voting.

The poll will stay open until 10pm EST on Wednesday, October 17th.

First Community Patch - Ranked Voting Poll

Please make sure to cast your votes and thank you all for your participation.

Have a great rest of your weekend.


- The Team at Big Picture Games