The village of Aldenfau

Public Test Server Patch Notes - July 10th, 2017


Hi everyone,

Today we have deployed a patch to our public test server and have opened it up to all actives accounts for testing purposes. If all goes well on the public test server, we will patch these changes to the live server within the next day or two. Once we get these loose ends taken care of in this patch, our focus both on a development and community engagement standpoint will be on July's road map and beyond.

You can download the lobby to keep your public test server client up to date by following this link. We will be announcing incentives to help us test and provide feedback on upcoming changes, such as our Deployable Player Vendors, in the near future so it may be a good idea to get yourself up to date now.

  • Added a gravestone for a fallen Darkfall Veteran – Zunder Zolots 1993 - 2016
    • Zunder started in beta, battling with intense Australian ping(350-450). He Began in Harlequin and spent his later year in the his own clan Twelve Inches Unbuffed. Many knew Zunder from his time both in battle and on vent. From helping newbie Aussies to killing leaders of VAMP he made an impression everywhere he went. His grave can be observed outside Svjartfjord, his clan’s first owned holding at one of his favorite nearby spawns.
  • Alignment:
    • Added zone identification at the bottom of the minimap and a better explanation of the rules in each zone (Click the ? button to show the rules in your zone)
    • Hit protection icon should now properly show the status of hit protection (enabled/disabled)
    • Fixed a rare issue where a blue could attack a red in a Lesser City and not turn rogue
    • Lawful and Lawless territory settings are now active on change instead of on server up
    • Alignment color change for -200 to -1 alignment is now a purplish hue
  • Economy/Crafting:
    • Added 2 Selentine Golem spawns - one in Wolf lands / one in Alfar lands
    • Increased the average Selentine Ore drop rate on Selentine Golems from 1.75 to 3
    • Shadecraft enchanting material has been changed to Q2 Shadowcrest and can now be crafted
    • Engineering has been added to house Anvil
    • Shipbuilding has been added to house Workbench
    • Removed gold reward from traderoutes / added more item/resource drops
    • Added more single house locations to the world of Agon
  • Mounts:
    • Added Left and Right lean options into the slot management options. (Right click the slot and select the Cog wheel)
  • Sieges:
    • Halved both phases, from 1 hour for defenders to attack siege stones to 30 minutes, and 2 hours down to 1 hour for attackers to take city
  • Quest Fixes:
    • Added Q1 Corpseflesh back to Bonecrew skins to allow for quest completion
    • Changed the arrowhead questline from Frailty to Rend so it can be completed
  • Queuing:
    • Added a small skill and weapon swap queue to help those with larger pings compensate when performing actions.  
    • One-Hander and Shield should now always queue up as one item.
  • Miscellaneous Bug Fixes:
    • Monsters will no longer heal each other if they hit each other with spells
    • Players will no longer fall through the world when recalling into the Niflheim hamlet of Qiqatak.
    • Fixes to terrain in some mob spawns
    • Fixed the exiting location on a portal from Red Moon to Ymir’s Tear to be out of tower range
    • Fixed a bug where you could not knock players up or in some cases damage them with spells near structures
    • Fixed an issue where a surging melee weapon would not reset back to 99.9 after hitting a player
    • Made some adjustments to ghost casting/double swings/server optimizations
    • Added enter/exit notifications for all NPC cities (Back-end groundwork also added for future features)

Make sure to join us in the discussion and we thank all of you who plan to help us find anything that we may have missed with these changes.


- The Team at Big Picture Games