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Public Test Server Patch Notes - January 5th, 2018


Feedback Request

We have deployed a new patch on the Public Test Server (PTS) that we would love to have your feedback on. It includes changes to Champion Spawns, adding in the new R75 weapons with spells tied to them, and many other changes. Read below for the full patch notes and you can use the official discussion thread to provide your feedback.


  • Several changes and bug fixes have been made to Champions spawns and their loot
    • Initial stages to spawn the Champion have been made longer with double the required score:
      • Initial stages are now 1000, 3000 and 6000 score to complete and spawn the Champion
    • Champion damage output on some abilities fixed to prevent instant kills at 500+ damage. There are 10 Champions currently: 6 easier ones on the mainland and 4 harder ones on the sub continents
      • The mainland champions are designed for groups of 5-15 players, depending on the party's strength and gear quality
      • The sub continent champions are designed to be possible for 15-25 players, again depending on skills/stats, gear, etc
    • The loot for champions has been redesigned to be similar to Village Control Points
      • Each player will have an equal roll for personal loot, which will be deposited into a player’s backpack upon killing the Champion
      • In addition the Champion will spawn a single "Sealed Treasure", unique to each Champion
        • Sealed Treasures will be a “loot box” that contain the vast majority of the high quality and rare rewards that a Champion is capable of spawning
        • NOTE: Currently the Sealed Treasure only contains the R75 weapons, and only on the 6 main land champions. We are working out the final details of the loot now and will update when they are on the Public Test Server.

Champion Weapons

  • New rank 75 “Champion” weapons - These new weapons have been imbued with the ability to cast spells and can only be found on the champions! 6 new weapons in total:
      • Champion’s Bow : Wall of Fire
      • Champion’s Warhammer : Stamina Leech
      • Champion’s Greatsword : Iron Skin
      • Champion’s Daggers : Vampiric Touch
      • Champion’s Greataxe : Haste
      • Champion’s Polearm : Lay on Hands
      • These are not set in stone, so suggestions are very much welcome


We made a bunch of smaller changes to crafting to correct issues with leveling, provide better flow and more logical skill progression and also implemented improvements to recipe components and new craftable items.


  • All gold costs have been removed from all housing items
  • Removed: Nails, Shingles, Foundations and Glass from all crafting recipes that required them and they are no longer craftable
    • Base vendor prices have been set to current market value so players who have them can get their gold value from them
  • Plank has been changed to “Mahogany Planks” and Mahogany changed to “Mahogany Timber”
  • Timber has changed to “Oak Timber” and Wood to “Oak Planks” to be more consistent


  • Building Modules and Strongboxes can now be crafted remotely
  • Personal Strongbox lowered from 25 to 1 Engineering
  • Party Strongbox lowered from 50 to 25 Engineering
  • Nexus Entrance and Exit cost reduced and no longer requires Runestones to make

Engineering Mastery

  • Spider Scarab lowered from 25 to 1 mastery
  • Dragon Cannon lowered from 50 to 25 mastery
  • Stormhammer lowered from 75 to 50 mastery
  • Battle Ark lowered from 100 to 75 mastery


  • All attachable tools have been added to level 1 Construction, have double the durability of dropped/NPC tools and can be built without a crafting station, this includes:
    • Woodaxe
    • Pickaxe
    • Fishing Rod
    • Sickle
    • Shovel
    • Repair Tools
  • House Modules have had their ingredients changed:
    • 150 Wood
    • 250 Stone
    • 75 Iron Ingot
    • 4 Mahogany Planks
    • 10 Limestone


  • All gold costs for skill books and spell scrolls has been lowered by 80%
    • IE: A 100g scroll would now be 20g
  • New item: Building Permit (25k from Councilor and rare drops) will replace gold cost in house deeds and future housing items


  • Bluetail recipe changed to 2 Steedgrass, 20 Leather and level 25 Taming


  • Skinning has been removed and all skinned items are now found on the corpse


  • Harvesting of reagents is now location based. Instead of the usual 2 reagents per success, you have the ability to gain more depending on location:
    • Capital Area, outside of the city: 50% of 1 additional reagent (2-3)
    • Lawful Area, outside of the city: 1 additional reagent + 50% for another. (3-4)
    • Lawless: what Lawful gets + 1 guaranteed and another 50% chance for another (4-6)


  • 13 new Title Tasks added.
  • 10 Epic Champion task lines added with new title rewards
  • Old kills/collections no longer apply to new tasks
    • If you have killed 1000 goblins and a new tasks requires 100 goblin kills, you will be required to kill 100 more goblins to satisfy that task


  • Hit Protection now works on owned mounts - hitting one will flag you rogue
  • Hit Protection will now prevent you from riding owned mounts in Lawful and above areas
  • Players just entering a Lawless area and attacking someone should now bypass the 20 second timer and be flagged rogue immediately, even if the player they are attacking is evil or rogue themselves

Fall Damage Changes

  • Taking consecutive fall damage hits within a 5 second period will increase damage taken by 15% per hit E.G. 21, 24, 27, 30 instead of just 21, 21, 21, 21
  • Taking fall damage that would have resulted in health going below zero will place a “Sprain” penalty on the player
    • Sprain has a 20% decrease in movement speed, no sprinting and no jumping for 10 seconds
  • All movement/fall damage is based on velocity and fast moving hits below 1 meter will no longer go without taking damage

General Changes/fixes

  • Weight reduced on “Meat” from 1kg to 0.1kg
  • Weight reduced on all reagents by 80%, to be consistent with arrow ammunition
  • Crafting window is now unstickied by default (Will hide when in action mode)
  • Crafting gains fixed - gains will appropriately slow down when a new tier of crafting is available every 25 levels in a crafting skill
  • Siege defense timers should be fixed - holdings should no longer be vulnerable instantly
  • Moved Bindstone Recall, House and Capital Recall to the General tab of the skills list.
  • Worldmap settings should now persist when you open/close the window
  • Spell upgrades cost lowered from 1000g to 250g per upgrade
  • Transmutes and mob drop weapons should now persist correctly
  • Tombstones now have ownership - Looting a corpse that does not belong to you will result in going rogue while in Lawful areas.
    • Mobs: 1 minute ownership or until at least one item is looted and the session closed
      • Members of the same party are excluded
    • Player: 30 minutes or until at least one item is looted and the session closed
      • Members of the same clan and party are excluded
      • Evil players do not have ownership of their corpses
  • Tombstones have had their timers reduced
    • When a corpse is looted, not emptied, and the session is closed there will be a timer of 30 seconds before the corpse is gone. If a session is reopened, it will reset the original 10 minute timer while the session is open and reset the 30 second timer when it is closed
    • Emptied corpses are removed immediately
    • A timer is displayed on the corpse when you target it showing the player how much time is remaining
  • Made adjustments to hotbar “cycles” to make them more efficient. Players who previously experienced a slower than macro’d cycle should see improvement.
  • Weapons Balance
    • Greatswords have had their attack range reduced by 0.05
    • Polearms have had their attack range increased by 0.1

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- The Team at Big Picture Games