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Public Test Server Patch Notes - August 27th, 2017


We recently deployed a new patch on the public test server and have opened it up for testing. You can download the test server lobby by following this link here.

These are preliminary patch notes and will change before the patch reaches the live server:

Current changes on PTS:

  • Equipping armor
    • Bags/sacks now have a menu option "Equip Armor". Selecting this will cycle through the bag and equip any armor pieces you have in it (top layer only)
  • Popup warning when disabling hit protection (can be disabled)
  • Weapon disparity
    • Starting with rank 70, all weapons below have had their damage increased to differentiate by 2 points of damage per tier
  • All races start with 20 in all stats
  • Stat boosting skills (Ingenious, Muscular, Clever, Nimble, Fleet and Sturdy) have all been removed. Players can now naturally achieve a max of 100 in all stats
  • The mechanics behind sprinting have been changed. Rather than pausing natural regeneration and reducing stamina, it now alters the natural regeneration rate. Currently stamina will cease to regenerate while sprinting and will gain if food is used
  • Pressing shift no longer stops auto sprint
  • Single attribute potions now take the player up to 100 in their respective stat
  • Skills that are earned naturally have been removed from vendors
  • Skills that were previously unable to gain XP through use have been re-added and will gain XP at a 75% reduced rate
  • Remote crafting has been added to non mastery crafts
    • There is a new "Crafting" button in the main menu that will open the craft selection window
  • A crafting queue has been added
  • Crafted gear has been added to the "Grade" system like mob dropped gear. Standard crafted items will all share the same stats. Metal armor and weapons crafted by Dwarves will have 10% more durability and prefixed with "Steelmaster " in the title. Alfar staves will have 10% more durability and prefixed with "Oakmaster " in the title

Known issues:

  • If a player is buffed or has a title/wonder increasing their stat past 100 the new stat potions will not work
  • The crafting queue window does not scroll and there is currently no limit to the number of items you can queue up (this will change)
  • Base durability has not been adjusted yet and will be prior to patch going live

P.S. This post's title image is a sneak peak at the upcoming PvP heat map that will be coming along with the leaderboards being worked on. Stay tuned for more information!