Public Server Launch

Public Test Server Launch


Greetings Agonians,

We are very happy to announce that our public test server will be going live later on today, Sunday June 18th. This test server will be open to everyone with an active account and will be an intermediary between our internal QA and the live server. We will be copying over the characters and database of the live server on a bi-weekly basis which will allow you the ability to test changes with the same character and bank that you use on live.

The first patch we could use your testing on includes the following changes. This patch is primarily focused on addressing the server desync and lag issues that many of you have been encountering which our development team has been working hard to resolve.

  • The orange color for alignment has been removed - Red starts right at -1.
    • If a character is red and inside an NPC city they are -200 or above and the towers will zap if you attack them
  • Implemented new chat tabs - Chaos(Red)/Order(Blue)/Trade(Both)/Recruitment(Both)
    • All are global - Trade/Recruitment have a 2.5 minute cool down on messages
    • Names in those tabs will also be color coded with alignment
  • Reviving a red/rogue (grey) player will now flag you as rogue (grey)
  • Dungeons should now properly register as lawless
    • Excludes dungeons inside new player/hit protection areas - they remain as lawful areas
  • Removed knock-back from Polearm swings, changed Polearm Power Attack to reduce Strength/Quickness and Piercing protection
  • Fixed an issue causing right click annotations to sometimes crash the client
  • Villages are now capped at 8 players
  • Adjusted Sea Tower timers and loot
  • Decreased the duration of Disabling Blow/Shot for all weapons by 37%
  • Decreased the damage of Thunderstorm by 10%
  • Miscellaneous world building changes
  • Miscellaneous crash fixes
  • Server optimizations
  • All housing items on any cottage/house/villa/large villa/keep that has expired will be removed.
  • Parry is now a skill in game that can be bound to other burst keys
  • Parry can also now automatically happen when pulling out any weapon (edit that in slot options menu)


We will have more details in the coming weeks on what to expect with the public test server, including how you can help us get patches ready for live release and provide valuable feedback during the development process.

Later on in the day we will release the link to the test server installer. Once installed you will be able to log into the public test server to start testing the changes the team has been working on.

Please download the above to start playing and testing on the public test server!

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- The Team at Big Picture Games