Public Test Server - Armor Testing


Greetings Agonians,

Today we start our combat testing to balance the new armors we are adding to Rise of Agon. We hope the community can help out as much as possible so we can get this as balanced as we can before release. The following is a summary of the changes:

Heavy Armor

This type of armor will have the highest physical protections in the game as well as the highest total protections for a completed set at the cost of having high encumbrance values. Heavy armor will be more suited for tanky roles and melee combat though the only restricting factor is the encumbrance. Hybrid players who wish to mix up their armor with other types would be using this armor type primarily for increasing physical protections. Heavy armor is weak to lightning and acid elemental attacks and bludgeoning damage.

Leather Armor

This type of armor will have high elemental protections for the amount of encumbrance that it gives at the cost of lacking in physical protections when compared to heavy armor. Leather armor is primarily suited for archery and hybrid roles with a medium amount of encumbrance where a feather enchant will remove any archery encumbrance for the set. Hybrid players who wish to mix up their armor with other types would be using this armor type primarily for increasing elemental protections without increasing encumbrance too much. Leather armor is weak to fire and cold elemental attacks and slashing damage.

Mage Robes

This type of armor will be enchanted with a magic magnitude bonus while having a moderate amount of elemental protections and no encumbrance at the cost of having very low physical and archery protections. Mage robes are weak to holy/unholy magic attacks as well as piercing and especially arrow damage.

Bone Armor (Hybrid)

This nostalgic set of armor has had its encumbrance and protections adjusted slightly but still has the highest protection to encumbrance ratio in the game and is suited for hybrids and heavily armored mages. It has been adjusted to keep its balance with the other armor types and still be very useful for players who are used to using bone mixed with other armor on the live servers. For all of the mages out there this armor when mixed with other armor types will mostly be used if you favor higher overall survivability over damage when compared to robes.

Public Test Server Items

The following items have been added to the Public Test Server and will require balance testing before they are added to the live server. Please make sure to provide detailed feedback regarding the balancing of the new armors and the adjusted protections for all existing armors. Placeholders are in place now only for public testing as there will be new models for these before they reach the live server. You will find all of the new armor on the market as they will not have crafting recipes during the early days of the public test. We will be updating the Public Test Server multiple times until much of the community is happy with the balance of the armor update.

  • MasteryHeavy25 Armor Set (Full Plate Placeholders)
  • MasteryHeavy50 Armor Set (Infernal Placeholders)
  • MasteryLeather1 Armor Set (Studded/MobArmor Placeholders)
  • MasteryLeather25 Armor Set (Studded/MobArmor Placeholders)
  • MasteryLeather50 Armor Set (Studded/MobArmor Placeholders)
  • MasteryLeather75 Armor Set (Studded/MobArmor Placeholders)
  • MasteryLeather100 Armor Set (Studded/MobArmor Placeholders)
  • Simple Robes (No Placeholders)
  • Fine Robes (No Placeholders)
  • Acolyte Robes (Unused Models)
  • Extravagant Robes (No Placeholders)
  • MasteryRobe1 Robes (Extravagant Placeholders)
  • MasteryRobe25 Robes (Extravagant Placeholders)
  • MasteryRobe50 Robes (Extravagant Placeholders)
  • MasteryRobe75 Robes (Extravagant Placeholders)
  • MasteryRobe100 Robes (Extravagant Placeholders)
  • Infernal Vambraces/Leggings (Full Plate Placeholders)
  • Plate Vambraces/Leggings/Gloves/Boots (Scale Placeholders)
  • Banded Gloves/Boots (Scale Placeholders)
  • Bone Gloves/Boots (Leather Placeholders)
  • Studded Gloves/Boots/Helmet (Leather Placeholders)

Download Public Test Server installer