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PTS Status Update December 6th


Greetings Agonians,

Earlier this week we released the PTS patch for testing, we'd like to thank everyone who contributes to testing and discussions, we really appreciate that. We're not quite satisfied that the patch is ready, so we're going to give it another week of PTS to see if it will be good to go.

Several fixes have been patched to the public test server today

  • Fix for secondary dye not showing in tooltip
  • Fix for crashing on loading screen
  • Fixes for dye window
  • Can no longer dye with market open
  • Item should not take over the dye color of item it replaces when equipping
  • Fixed dye window size being cut off

Discussion Direction

There's been confusion about various things in this patch, some of the notes were intentionally vague to see what players would discover through trial and error but in some cases it was entirely misunderstood how the feature works. 

We'll setup individual threads for each of the major systems in this patch where we will be able to explain in greater detail and provide reasoning for some things that players have raised concerns about. Keeping these discussion separate also helps to focus on a particular topic, instead of bouncing between different topics in the same thread.

If we can resolve the major issues then we'll look to patch next Thursday, we may post earlier if there's any developments.

We hope everyone has a great weekend!


- The Team at Big Picture Games