PTS Patch Notes - August 22nd, 2018


Greetings Agonians,

This PTS patch focuses on some much needed bug fixes along with some small additions. It's not live on PTS for testing.

Item skins

  • A new set of item skins for greatswords added called “Domination”. This is our first official A.C.T. submission!
  • The bug not allowing skins to show on other players has been fixed


  • Found a bug that would overwrite bank positions and fixed it. If you still have issues with bank positions resetting on teleport or relog please let us know

Champion Lottery Ticket

  • The champion lottery ticket is a new item that will be placed on the grave of each champion. This items has the potential to win millions… or nothing at all. Try your luck!

Player Housing

  • When you die you now have the option to choose your house bind for your respawn.
  • The house bank is being changed to global access to your regular bank! You can now press F (use) on the house bank and gain access to your regular global bank. Currently pressing G gives you the option to view your house safe contents, but only allows you to withdraw. This will be removed in a future patch.

Combat Adjustments

  • Wall of force has been placed on the global cooldown group with AoE spells.
  • Needles has been placed on the rank 90 cooldown group

Bug Fixes

  • Market sales orders should now all work correctly.
  • We believe the issue with the dwarf champion could be related to his relatively low stamina pool so we have increased it substantially. If there are still issues with him not attacking please report it.
  • Multiple item rewards from tasks should now deliver properly. (E.G. if it says 2 maps, you should get 2 maps)
  • When  you use the “Use” key to interact with a house garden you should no longer lose your ability to use it until relogging.


- The Team at Big Picture Games