Project Update - Apr. 13, 2018


We wanted to take a moment to make a few comments before delving into our weekly recap.

As many of you know, we recently held a free period to celebrate the launch of our Market Patch. During that time we saw an increase of activity in-game and are happy to report that the increase in activity has remained despite the free period ending over a week ago. We also have noticed a lot of players helping others in-game, either through answering questions in chat or fostering them so they learn the ropes.

To all of you new players taking your first steps in Agon, to those of you who have come back to try the many recent changes, and for our loyal supporters who never left, we thank you all for this support and will continue to work as hard as we can to make this game the best it can be.

Now onto regular business...

Weekly Development Recap

We will be implementing new items to the Nithron Coin Shop in the coming days as part of our continued effort to increase the selection of items and services available.

The following is an overview of the items you can expect:

  • Bank Extension
    • Can increase bank capacity in increments of 100
    • First extension purchase creates second bank tab
    • Second bank tab can be expanded to 2000 slots
  • Clan name change token
  • New harvesting tools
    • Items have unlimited durability
    • No drop on death
  • Infamous "Help Me" sound
    • First available option to change gank mode sound

The team is also beginning to lay the groundwork for the upcoming changes to the housing system. As we get further along in this process we will provide more details but for the time being the work being done is on back-end systems to support land claims and housing placement, and finalizing the nitty-gritty details of the front-end design.

Update on ACT

We realize it has been some time since we first talked about the ACT Initiative, outlined in the initial thread from February, but it is now time for us to revisit it. Agon's Community Talent (ACT) will be an officially sponsored program that opens the doors for members of our community to submit entries in the hopes of getting them listed on our Nithron Coin Shop. Members who do get entries added will not only receive forum and in-game recognition, but will receive regular payments based on a percentage of the revenue their item(s) generate.

The development team is currently working on streamlining the capabilities of the Nithron Coin Shop and how it interacts with the game client. This will provide the ability to add items more easily and also diversify the kind of items/services we can provide. Once this is finalized, a process we plan to finish as soon as possible, we will officially launch the ACT program and will provide you with all the details on how you can be part of the action.

Upcoming Battle Royale Event

We held a Battle Royale style event during the free period and were happy to see the participation and found it to be well received. We learned some lessons from that first event and will always find ways to improve future ones, and your feedback afterwards was greatly appreciated.

We also plan to host these Battle Royales on a regular basis and are happy to announce the next edition occurring this weekend. This second Battle Royale event will be held on Sunday, April 15th at 3:00 p.m. EST.

To find out the details and rules of the event, including the prizes up for grabs, head over to the official event page! We hope to see all of you there this Sunday.

New Game Design Thread

Regionalization, Activity Windows and Seasons

We released a new game design thread this past Sunday that discusses our current plans to regionalize key resources, create activity windows for players, and our thoughts on the concept of seasons. This is another critical discussion that ties into the overarching Territory Control System we revealed previously which is our primary focus for the coming months.

Head over to the official design thread to check out the details and let us know your thoughts! We read each and every reply and encourage you to jump into the discussion.