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Patch Notes - September 15th, 2016


Hi everyone,

Today’s patch features a little bit of everything from adding value to housing to our newly implemented buff timers. We also have been paying close attention to all of your feedback on the scroll system and have made several changes and revamped their drop rates as described below. Your feedback is constantly being monitored and brought into our internal meetings and design discussions, so thank you again and keep that feedback coming!

Another new addition is particularly amazing and is only the beginning of our commitment to put more sand in the box of Rise of Agon.  More details on this new feature can be found below as well.

Patch Notes September 15th, 2016

  • Resting regeneration will now increases to 2x default rate after the first 30 seconds 

  • Village house bindspots have been increased to improve usability:

    • Cottage - same (1 owner + 1 guest)

    • House - 1 owner + 2 guests

    • Villa - 1 owner + 3 guests

    • Large Villa  - 1 owner + 3 guests

    • Keep - 1 owner + 4 guests

  • Re-enabled ability of skills to surge

  • Reduced overall effects on surges down to 2.5% (from 180%) 

  • Added the foundation for a New Player Chat channel:

    • Currently only accounts created < 1 month will have access

    • Currently only players with Alignment > 200 will be able to enter the channel

    • This is a WIP and will change in the future

  • Scroll System:

    • Proper gains when reading should now be given to parent school and all appropriate sub-skills

    • You must now be in the presence of a Mage, Councillor or Arcanist to read a scroll (You don’t have to press Use, just target the NPC)

    • Scroll drops have been completely redone.  The goals of this are as follows:

      • Eliminate the “RNG” feel of obtaining scrolls

      • Related mob types with scroll drops more directly whether it be them casting the specific scroll or at least the school (where applicable)

      • Makes acquiring scrolls a more targeted manner - want a certain spell?  Kill this or this mob, rather than entire schools and then some

      • Generous drop rates suitable for group farming even on mid to hard and hardest mobs

      • Scrolls drop off several mobs across difficulty levels

  • Increased gains on Strength, Quickness, Dexterity and Vitality for ranged and melee 

  • Buff icon timers have been added as a GUI option (defaulted on):

    • Buffs from enchants are shown with an infinity symbol

    • Longest remaining regular buff (of the same kind) is displayed

    • Increased buff icon area size so last row is not cut off

    • No more multiple buff icons (except for enchanted item buff with casted buff)

  • Starting spells have been reverted to allow gain on use:

    • Mana to Stamina

    • Health to Mana

    • Stamina to Health

    • Heal Self

  • Made a couple of tweaks with starter weapon descriptions

    • Also removed durability readout on starter weapons 

  • Players can now drop and pick up items in the world of Agon  (Yes, that’s right):

    • Drag and releasing item(s) anywhere on screen (except the fire barrel) will now drop the item at your feet in the world

    • Pressing the "Use" key on the item will pick it up

    • All items are represented by a bag in the world (goal is to replace with models where applicable)

    • Looking at the bag will show what the item is as its display name where possible

    • Max of 25 items can be dropped (per person) in 10 minutes starting from the first drop, with a 5 second cooldown in between each drop
  • Light can now be purchased for 250g with a school requirement of 1 

  • Mana Blast has been lowered to have a school requirement of 1 

  • Our GMs now have the ability to silently global mute, you have been warned! 

  • Magic schools are now highlighted when selecting them in the purchase window.
  • Fixed bug with nodes regenerating too quickly 

  • Fixed bug with "Rest" appearing on selected spell slot 

Tomorrow we will be announcing our newest community competition with a Lifetime Subscription and some bragging rights up for grabs. Thank you for reading today's patch notes and join in on the discussion!


- The Team at Big Picture Games