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Patch Notes - October 25th, 2017



Greetings Agonians,

Today's patch continues our focus on our newly released roadmap. This include's the overhaul of village capture mechanics and loot. The introduction of runebooks to ease the tedium of long travel times, and our continued focus on NPE with spawn scaling expansion and in-game map enchancements. 


New Village Capture System

  • Each village in Agon now contains three platforms that will become available to capture when a village goes live
  • Parties (including parties of one player) must capture these platforms and acquire a certain number of Capture Points in order to succeed and capture the village
  • No Battlespikes or materials are required for capture anymore
  • The new Village Capture UI provides a party’s current score, the closest competitor score and the Capture Points required to win for those involved in capture

Village Capture Rewards

  • Village capture rewards have been modified to provide greater rewards to those who capture a village
  • Rewards are now instantly provided to the winning party directly into their banks
    • Reagents will be provided instantly into players' backpacks


  • Players can now purchase Runebooks which allow users to bind marked runes and use them over and over again
  • The starter Runebook will allow 6 runes to be bound
  • Users can replace a marked rune with a new one, but the rune being replaced will get destroyed
  • A Runebook can be equipped to the new paperdoll slot which prevents it from dropping upon death
  • Players can add a charge to a Runebook using two Portal Shards
    • The starter Runebook can hold 8 charges
  • Runestones and Portal shards are now purchasable at the Mage NPC at the cost of 5k and 1k
  • Users can now re-mark runes that have not yet been placed in the Runebook by right clicking on the rune and clicking "unmark rune". This will remark the rune at the location you are standing.

Spawn Scaling Expanded

  • Spawn scaling mechanics, currently on low-end monsters on the live server, has been expanded to most monster spawns in the world
    • These mechanics work the same - increasing spawn rate and total monsters based on performance of the group fighting them

In-Game Map Enhancements

  • Added the following to the map:
    • Clan cities
    • NPC cities
    • Mob spawns
    • Portals
    • Dungeon entrances
  • A new filter menu has been added to the world map
    • In the filter menu you will find a search/filter box, a distance slider for mob spawns and checkboxes to show/hide different difficulty levels of mob spawns, NPC cities, clan cities and the different portals.
    • Hovering over a portal entrance will display its corresponding exit

Hit Protection Extended

  • Blue players can now activate Hit Protection in all lawful areas of the map
  • Hit Protection functions as it did before, preventing Blue players with it active from damaging other players who are Blue

In-Game Announcements

  • Players will be greeted with a new announcement window when first logging into the game if there is/are new updates
    • Updates could include official patch notes, updates to the Public Test Server, or any other important announcements related to Rise of Agon

General Changes

  • A skill that reaches Level 5 will stay at Level 5 indefinitely
  • Level 5 spells have a chance of “Surging” which releases a surging animation but provides no additional bonus in damage
  • Fixed an issue where players would not receive stat gains from a skill that was at max Level 5
  • Users can now bind mouse-wheel up and down in the Input Options menu
  • If you have Hit Protection enabled you will no longer be able to get onto an owned mount while inside an NPC city
  • Fixed bug causing Treasure Map locations to reset
  • Fixed an issue with Bloodcrafting and Shadecrafting not giving the full amount of items on bulk crafts.
  • Added Halloween items to mob spawns broomstick, pumpkin and skeleton hands. 
  • Fixed an issue with mount sprinting effecting rider's stamina
  • Fixed an issue with experience bar not fully updating
  • Fixed an issue with some missing skills from menu
  • Fixed some other miscellaneous UI and description bugs

Thank you for reading and we look forward to your feedback on the patch. Stay tuned for news about our upcoming free period and follow-up patch. 


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- The Team at Big Picture Games