Patch Notes - October 24th, 2018


Greetings Agonians,

Today we are patching some community requested items , some combat changes and some bug fixes. We hope to put out an update later in the week with our upcoming plans.

Combat Adjustments:

  • Destroyer and Mage Killer specs available. At 50 encumbrance they get full effect at 100 encumbrance they get 50% effect reduced linearly between the two
  • Buff others have been re-enabled. Haste, Rapid Shot and ironskin have lower magnitude bonus than previously.
  • Physical Protections on metal armors have been lowered
  • Archery damage slightly reduced


  • 3 villages now go live every 30 minutes, only one village is available on a billboard to port.


  • Fixed a bug that stopped enchanted gems working without a relog
  • Various description and crafting UI fixes.
  • Female Help Me gank mode sound added to nithron store.


  • Halloween drops have been enabled


- The Team at Big Picture Games