Patch Notes - November 4th, 2018


Greetings Agonians,

We worked on a small patch this week to start regionalising the world and to start creating some more meaningful hotspots in Agon.

  • Spawn Scaling
    • Spawn Scaling has been made more challenging by increasing the clearing speed requirements needed to scale a spawn. The increased spawn sizes from scaling have been toned down and replaced with faster respawn rates.
    • The effect of these changes will be larger mob spawns being more valuable and more specific economically valuable areas.
    • The team will be working on creating more specific hotspots by updating mob spawns individually to improve areas instead of the large number of spawns that were too profitable due to spawn scaling.
  • Rare Ore Golems
    • All the rare ore golems have been moved to their regionalised areas of the map. Selentine golems are on the main continent while the other rare ore golems are spread to a sub continent for each type.
    • Rare ore golems will no longer be included in the spawn scaling mechanic.
    • Loot tables have been updated slightly based on these changes for Neithal and Veilron golems. We'll monitor them over the next few weeks for further small adjustments.
  • Center Dungeon
    • To account for the spawn scaling changes and give a hotspot for PvE and PvP encounters we have made some buffs to the Center Dungeon spawns as well as the entrance spawn has been added back in with the big spawn by the dungeon entrance!
  • Village Loot
    • Village loot has been tweaked in many ways. We've focused on removing some of the more common items and replaced them with more rare loot drops on low chances. In addition we've made them a good source of portal shards!
  • Portal Shards & Runestones
    • Portal Shards and Runestones have been removed from all vendors! Basic Runebooks can still be purchased off the mage however.
    • Drop rates have been modified for villages to give a good chance for portal shards.
    • Changes to how runebooks work and new hotspots for these materials will be included in a follow up patch planned for next week.


- The Team at Big Picture Games