Village Porting Teaser

Patch Notes - November 29th, 2017


Greetings Agonians,

Today we are deploying another patch to the live servers. This patch focuses on fleshing out some of the changes we made in our previous content patch, including adding in a new porting mechanic for active villages. You can find more details on these new Billboards along with the rest of the changes in this patch in the detailed notes below.

Thanks goes out to all of you who helped test these changes when we deployed them on the Public Test Server. Your reporting of potential bugs or issues truly helps us get these patches out the door faster and more efficiently, and the feedback we receive allows us to make changes where needed before deploying something live.


  • Visually updated the crafting and remote crafting windows
  • Professions that a character has yet to obtain are greyed out and show the requirements necessary to learn each one
  • The extra cost to enchant a gem has been removed. The only gold cost required to enchant a gem is the cost of enchanting the gem itself - no more extra gold is required for the various tiers

In-Game Map Enhancements

  • Cities and Hamlets on the map now show which player clan owns them

Billboards - First Major Blue Incentive

  • Billboards have been added to each NPC Capital City. Their functionality will be expanded upon in future patches but they can be used as a village teleport system in this first iteration. Blue players can use these new Billboards to teleport to any village that is currently active or will be going active in less than 30 minutes
    • There is a base cost of 1500 gold for this convenience at 0 alignment
      • Every +200 alignment will lower the cost by 100 gold. This means the cost to port will be 1000 gold at 1000 alignment


  • Adjusted the timer in which villages go live
    • Six villages now go live every hour
  • Villages will now require 1200 points to capture instead of the original 600
    • The point total was increased to provide more chance of a "back and forth fight" over live villages
  • A new Risk vs Reward system has been implemented that will affect village loot amounts and chances of rares - the more powerful the gear you are wearing to capture villages the better your rewards will be on a successful capture
    • A “gear score” is generated based on your equipped gear in your paperdoll (excluding Runebooks) with the more value you risk the better your rewards will be
    • Tweaks may be made to this formula once it is live and we can gather more data, as the system is planned to be expanded to most other loot sources as well in the game
  • A global message has been added stating when a village has been capped and by the number of members in the party who capped it
    • Example - "A party of 6 has successfully captured the village of Trinwood."


  • War declarations will no longer provide users the ability to attack each other unrestricted in NPC cities
    • Aggressors will be flagged rogue (Grey)
  • The ability for (-200 to 0) alignment players to bind to lesser NPC cities has been removed in this patch
    • In a future patch that will include the alignment overhaul we will turn the towers back on against these players


  • To assist new players we have added Nectar of the Gods stat boosters to a bunch of newbie tasks
    • There are enough potions to easily hit 75 in all stats whether you choose to start as a gatherer/crafter or decide to work on combat
  • Rage will now automatically unlock at 40 Strength/40 Vitality as it should.
  • Come Hither and Begone now have the proper magnitude at max level (level 5)

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- The Team at Big Picture Games