Relaxing in the Woods

Patch Notes - November 13th, 2016


Hi everyone,

Today’s patch contains all of the components for our new persistence system. The server is now saving to our new persistence, but will also continue to save to the old. This will allow us to test it on our end with both loading and saving to make sure everything is saving correctly on the live server. This has been a lot of work and going on behind the scenes for the past month, but we feel it will certainly be worth the effort.

On top of the new persistence system, we also have a nice block of game changes for you as well!

  • Village rewards improved:
    • Expanded rewards parser to included ability to have min/max quantity on rewards.
    • Added ranges on all loot drops.
    • Tweaked essence probabilities.
    • Added chances for blank scrolls and blank manuals.
    • Increased rare ore chances a bit.
    • Added special override rewards for all villages of Agon by region:
      • Mainland
      • Sea/Island
      • Center Map
      • Niff
      • Cairn
      • Ruby
      • Yssam
  • Weaponsmithing/Mastery overhaul continues - many weapons have been shuffled around, changed ranks, and there are even some newly craftable ones.  They have also received the same treatment as Greatswords, with fast and slow versions for each rank.  The following weapons have gone through our initial changes for this patch:
    • Greatclubs
    • Greataxes
    • Polearms
  • More Crafting window improvements:
    • All items now shown, color coded by 3 criteria:
      • Can craft (All constraints satisfied)
      • Can craft (Missing materials)
      • Cannot craft (Do not have required skill level)
Crafting List Changes
    • Skill requirement line now in red if you cannot craft it.
    • Extra information now displayed directly on item details (rather than use tool tip):
      • Weapons, Armor, Food, and other items.

Axezilla Greataxe

Full Plate Cuirass

    •  Lots of Category descriptions added.
Weapon Category Descriptions
    • Other visual improvements to the crafting window.
  • Sensitivity sliders now have numeric readouts and are twice the size for precision.
  • Added system messages for stacking items entering your inventory even if the item already exists in your inventory.
  • Added variance to Mob drop weapons and armor:
    • Items now have a much greater variance in durability.
    • Weapons now have a variance in damage.
    • This combination will render some mob drops useful, and others vendor-worthy.
    • This will help increase the value of crafted weapons and armor, as well as planting the seed of dynamic loot in the game.
  • Vendor window improvements:
    • Removed Quantity: 100000000000 on vendor item's tooltip.
    • Replaced "Requirements:" with "No Requirements" when there are none (House Recall, for instance).
    • Rephrased requirement readouts on skills from i.e. Wisdom, 30 or greater to 30+ Wisdom.
  • Diminishing returns on Crafting:
    • Once you reach one “level” (25) above an item’s crafting requirement, a new diminishing returns system will kick in.
    • You will get a system message with the % of total experience gained from each craft that is not receiving maximum experience.
    • Diminishing returns starts @ roughly 55% and decreases as you get further and further from the item’s skill requirement.
  • Village Control Point minimum reward damage has been increased from 100 to 250.
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed mount spawning angle bug that cropped up from mount direction spawn change.
    • Fixed many vendor prices.
    • Fixed XP gains on some weapons that changed ranks etc.
    • Fixed Kobold Strongman loot table.

Thank you for reading today's patch notes and join us in the discussion!


- The Team at Big Picture Games