Patch Notes - June 11th 2018


Greetings Agonians,

Thanks to everybody for helping us tweak and balance combat on the Public Test Server for over the past week we have reached a good baseline and are ready to patch it onto the live server. Today we bring our second combat update and also the introduction of 100-110 stat pots.

Combat Update 2:

  • Specializations have been removed:
    • Double jump and archery jumpshot have been added by default
    • Side step can be added and removed at the fighter or mage w/o penalties
  • Sarracenia, Bonestaff and Aubade 50% Decrease in respective school buffs.
  • Cobrastaff speed increased from .70 to .75
  • Armor magic protections have been equallized
  • Archery damage increased +5
  • Arrow damage has been separated from piercing damage.
  • Weapon critical hit (random) removed
  • Magic:
    • 0-20 encumbrance stays the same as old way.
    • The effect encumbrance has on the outcome of advanced magic increases every 20 levels
    • Advanced magic will reduce in level (1-5) based on encumbrance every 20 levels
    • E.G. if you have 80 encumbrance, wof will now have the effect of a level 1 regardless of the level you have it at.
    • All advanced magics will fizzle at or above 75 encumbrance.
    • Field AOE’s global cooldown 100% at 20 seconds
    • Toxic rain changed to cold damage.
    • Equalize r90s - (unholy flames) same damage, velocity, 20% stam drain, Exploding charge knockup, charge time and range. Shared 5s cooldown (only one required)
    • Bolt spells have equal speed, range and damage
    • Impale graphics adjustment, has been made smaller to not affect Alfar as much.
    • Fireball debuff removed, 3s cooldown
    • R50s (not fireball) share a 1.5s global cooldown.
  • Light battlespikes no longer provide physics displacement (knockup)
  • Demon name changed back to Devil
  • 110 stat pots placed on Devil (4) and Gargantua (1)


- The Team at Big Picture Games