Patch Notes - July 25th, 2019


Greetings Agonians,

Today we have the planned combat revert, activity windows, hotbar changes and many other updates. We expect to do a follow up patch relatively soon with armor dyes, daily tasks and some other items.


  • Combat reverted to before May 2018
  • Stat buffs have not been returned to preserve the value of 120 stat potions
  • Armor values have been reverted to the original values 
    • Exception: Arrow Protection is still separate from Piercing protection.
  • Specializations have returned
    • Exceptions: Jump shot, aqua shot, side step, and double jump are still default with side step being able to turn off at the vendor.
  • New light concussion bomb item added that has the same effect as old light battlespikes with a 5 second cooldown
  • Disabling bolt skill added


  • Runestones can no longer be placed in rune books
  • Rune books can only be bound at chaos stones
    • Alt-use chaos stones with an empty rune in your backpack to add that location to your book.
    • Old runestones will still work and can be removed from your rune books.
    • Runestones still work in any location like before.

Logging out and combat timers

  • A combat timer has been added that we will use for various features and starts with logging out aka camping.
    • 60 seconds if you hit someone else
    • 30 seconds if you get hit (unless you already have more than that)
    • Each hit resets the timer
  • Camping has been changed so you have the option to stay in-game while your timer is going
  • Camping now has a glowing effect and a campfire sound for the duration of your log out making it easier to spot someone trying to escape via logout.
  • The timer is now based on your location and combat - the previous time was 45 seconds
    • In NPC cities: 10 second logout
    • Outside: 1 minute
    • Inside dungeons: 2 minutes
    • In combat: the previous time (npc, outside, dungeon) + the remaining time on your combat timer.
    • If you get hit while you are camping you will have the combat time added to  your logout up to a total of 3 minutes maximum.
    • If you crash or the client is closed your character will start camping the required amount of time.

Clan Updates

  • There is a new UI for the clan window - the old one can be accessed through your paperdoll in a clan tab until we have moved all features to the new clan window.
    • There is a new option for a siege window - select the hour you want your siege window to start, for example I want my clan to be protected at 10PM so I will set my siege window time to start at 10PM and it will last for 6 hours. During this 6 hours your city will be protected from sieges being dropped and asset damage. For 6 hours prior and 6 hours after your city can be destroyed and sieged dropped, but at a higher cost.
  • Clan roles have replaced clan ranks!
  • There can be only 1 Supreme General
    • When players that are SG’s and not the clan owner log in they will be given the General rank and a full set of roles equivalent to an SG.
    • The remaining clan roles currently do not serve a purpose outside of assigning ranks for authority purposes.
  • The roles are:
    • Member: Default member status allows use of facilities. (nothing functional here, will add later)
    • Security Officer - Can operate city gates
    • City Manager - Can add or remove individual players ability to bind at a city.
    • Auditor - Can view member roles.
    • Communications Officer - Can set clan message of the day. - (More love planned for this:D )
    • Construction Auditor - Can view clan city elements list.
    • Construction Manager - Can build clan city components
    • Personnel Auditing - Can view the full list of clan members and roles.
    • Personnel Manager - Can send clan invitations,  accept applications, and adjust player roles.
    • View Diplomacy - Can view clan diplomacy settings.
    • Diplomat - Can set clan standing toward clans and individuals. - (more features coming for this!)
    • Warfare Specialist - Can manage warfare.
    • Director - Includes all other roles and can assign roles up to Director. Can only be applied by the Supreme General.
    • Vault One Query - Can view items in vault 1.
    • Vault One Take -  Can view and take items from vault 1.
    • Vault One Container Take - Can remove container and their contents from the vault 1.
    • The same options available for Vaults 2 and 3.

Crafting Changes

  • New item added: Light Concussion Grenade!
    • A low powered bomb designed to displace rather than cause injury.
    • Crafting ingredients:
      • Level 25 Engineering
      • 20 Clay
      • 20 Sparkstone
      • 1 Chaldean Cloth
      • 10 cloth
      • Produces 20 grenades.
  • Some bows and staves have had their recipes changed to accommodate the new materials.

Hotbar and Keybind changes:

  • Hotbar can now have 1 to 10 columns open at a time
  • Hotkeys can be set from within the slot options menu
  • Default keybinds changed and hotbars pre-slotted with skills and items to help players get started - tutorial updated to reflect these changes.

Engine Updates

  • We are now using a new framework to render the GUI. This should give a small performance boost now and more in the future as we tailor the old UI to benefit more from the new framework.
  • All the world textures have been updated with new textures and to a higher resolution. This also take advantage of the normal maps and other additions we have made to the engine. (Feedback still required if any textures seem out of place)
  • Render performance optimizations. This should be most noticeable in areas with many objects. Our testing gave us up to 20% better FPS after we implemented this.

General and bug fixes

  • Party kick option is now available for party creator
  • Gold wallet should now work at all times, no longer possible to buy with gold in your backpack
  • Trying to sell a battlespike on the market will no longer crash your client
  • Updated outdated weapon descriptions
  • Prompt windows moved to the top of the screen and it’s now possible to accept by pressing Y or N
  • Item drops now make a 3D sound in the world and can be heard by other players
  • Shearsword added to new players backpack for a total of 4 starter weapons

Thank you for reading and we look forward to your feedback.


- The Team at Big Picture Games