Acid arrows on the crafting window

Patch Notes - July 11th 2018


Greetings Agonians,

Today's patch adds Billboards and Markets to all Player Cities as well as new elemental arrows, 20 new title tasks, new weapon skin functionality and lots of other goodies. Check out the full patch notes below:


  • Elemental Arrows added: Fire, Acid, Lightning, Ice, Holy and Unholy. Crafting recipes added for all 6 arrow types to bowyer mastery. - Unlike regular or fine arrow crafts it will produce 50 elemental arrows regardless of crafting skill level.
  • Item skins capability added to paperdoll
  • Effect encumbrance has on archery increase 1.5x (apprx. 4 less damage @ 100 enc resistances depending)
  • Melee and archery weapon damage equalized again - no more fast/slow variants.
  • Markets and billboards in player cities - prebuilt - Gold costs for player city billboard 1k, NPC cities are 2k. 
  • Increased durability on high end jewelry.
  • Increased durability on rank 70 and 80 staves.
  • Shrapnel got a face lift and faster cast time.
  • Titles can now be created and added live via scrolls to a character. Title scrolls drop on death and can be traded or placed on the market. 
  • Arrow protection enchant added, protections equal to other physical protection enchants.
  • Tasks that have multiple non-stackable items should now give the proper amount
  • Player cities should no longer turn anyone blue in lawless tiles
  • 10 new collectible toys added - to be distributed as rare drops from their respective mobs. Will be added to loot tables for an event this coming weekend!
  • Tasks that reward titles now provide the title scroll - users can trade them if they’d like to.
  • Portal shards and rune stones added to all arcanist's inventories.
  • Clicking before a casting timer is finished will “catch” the cast and will require you to release again to finish.
  • 20 new tasks with title rewards added!
  • New nithron store containers added with larger windows for easier sorting!



- The Team at Big Picture Games