Patch Notes - February 15th, 2019


Greetings Agonians,

Today's patch contains the first stage of regionalization and adds many new items to the game. Some of these items will be used to craft the new mastery armors coming out shortly. We initially planned to include a "freemium soft launch" with this patch but will be giving it until next week to iron out some final issues and to provide a smooth transition into the model.

Here are the patch notes for today:


  • A total of 11 new monsters have been added to the game
  • Several existing monsters have had their difficulty increased
  • A total of 75 monster spawns have been adjusted, many of them for the new monsters
  • All of the Q4/Q5 enchanting materials have been moved around to different monsters
  • Each subcontinent and center map will now have 8 different high quality enchanting materials in addition to having 4 different rare resources


  • Cotton and Rawhide have been added to the game
  • New rare resources for Cotton/Cloth, Rawhide/Leather, and Timber/Wood have been added to the game.
  • Map Fragments have been added to nearly all monsters, and sea life and pirate based monsters have increased drop rates due to their difficulty
  • All new items have been added to existing content in the game such as trade routes, villages, chaos chests, maps, and appropriate loot tables (ex: Rawhide)

Many more items will be added in future patches


  • The Tanning Skill which is used to refine Rawhide into Leather has been added
  • The Weaving Skill which is used to refine Cotton into Cloth has been added
  • Players can now craft treasure maps with Map Fragments using the Scribing Skill

Tailoring Mastery and “another” crafting skill will be introduced in the near future


  • Many NPC shops have been adjusted to help improve the new player experience
  • Added party kick functionality which only works for party founder
  • Super Fun Hulks with increased protection added to be used by GM for events such as capture the flag, etc
  • Fixed a bug with Journal showing incorrect times for meditating
  • Fixed a damage bug causing irregularities with certain protections


  • Our initial soft launch of a freemium model will take place next week. This will allow us to gather feedback from current players so we can tweak anything necessary and fix bugs. Restrictions are as follows:
    • 3 times slower leveling speed on crafting and combat skills
    • Cannot own a home
    • Cannot rank higher than Lieutenant
    • Cannot create a clan
    • No multipliers for harvesting, single resource per hit, including with clan nodes
    • Bank space limited to 500 items
    • Cannot craft mastery level items
    • 20 buy/sell limit for orders on the market
    • 200k maximum meditation points and meditates 3 times slower
    • Lower carrying capacity, 100 kg less than Premium
    • Equipment tier capped at Tier 3 for loot rolls

Thank you for reading and we look forward to your feedback.


- The Team at Big Picture Games