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Patch Notes - August 6th, 2016


Hi everyone,

Today we have a small follow-up patch to compliment yesterday's which fixes a couple of issues and also addresses a few pain points that have popped up such as gathering fails and auto-unsheathe on mouse click. 


PATCH NOTES 8/6/2016

Crafting Window improvement/fixes


  • Updated resources quantity requirements when the player increase the recipe quantity
  • Fixed highlight on items
  • Added titles "skill" and "skill mastery" to the box sections
  • Adjusted requirements box so it shows all within reason with a max limit that doesn't break other windows
  • Crafting count decreases as you craft now
  • Fixed output bag placement and mouse drag area


  • Added auto unsheathing of weapon/bow/staff when click is pressed



  • Decreased starting fail rate on harvesting by approximately 35%



  • You can now eat and drink potions while resting



  • Decreased stamina loss by 50% from gathering



  • Made a few updates on tutorial windows as a stop gap to a better tutorial



  • Removed need for the Aquashot upgrade.  It has been left on the fighters menu temporarily to allow players time to remove it if they have already purchased it.  Description updated, and can no longer be purchased.




  • Greataxes now available for meditation



  • Small text fix in character creator



  • Fixed a buffing bug having to do with some formula changes we made



  • Fixed bug with hotbar not auto-filling with item if it’s deleted but you have a second one in your inventory.


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- The Team at Big Picture Games