Mounted Group Fighting

Patch Notes - August 5th, 2016


Hi everyone,

Today marks the reopening of our servers and also our first Beta patch named LDHI 1. This patch includes many low-development / high-impact changes as well as foundational changes that will setup the groundwork for expanding upon later. The changes included touch on a variety of areas of the game, so there should be something in here for everyone. We are very excited to kick things off again, and look forward to showing the community just how capable and dedicated we are to this project.

Please enjoy reading these notes and more importantly the kickoff of Darkfall: Rise of Agon's Closed Beta, this is only the beginning!

PATCH NOTES 8/5/2016:



  • Adjusted base statistic effectiveness curve as seen below:

New Stat Curve

  • Decreased and normalized all starting stats between races as seen below:

New Starting Stats

  • Increased starting vitals values to make up for the difference in new vs old starting statistics.
  • Adjusted skill magnitude effectiveness curve as seen below:


New Skill Curve


  • Self Buffs 50% increase in leveling speed.
  • Heal Others 50% increase in leveling speed.
  • Buff Others 50% increase in leveling speed.
  • Debuffs 50% increase in leveling speed.
  • Removed the ability to level debuff spells on other players.




  • Removed all passive skills from meditation.
  • Now works while online as well as offline.
  • Added most skills and all spells (except for masteries, intensifies and crafting).
  • Split meditation stat/skill view into several suitable tabbed categories.
  • All new characters will now start with 25000 points.




  • Displays total protection readout on all armor pieces (groundwork change).
  • Reordered weapons crafting window alphabetically by rank.
  • Removed racial craft items from windows of other races.
  • Show FPS option now on by default.
  • Looting UI Changes:
  •           A single left or right click on a piece of loot places it in your backpack in a random location.
  •           Double left clicking a bag will open it, right click will loot it.
  •           Drag and drop works as before.
  • Expanded scrollable part of all NPC windows so more items can be seen at once.
  • Introduced Stackable Hotbars (featured in previous videos) which greatly reduces or removes the need for macros!
  • Revamped Vitals bar to include resizing and several display options:

New Stat Bars



  • New characters now start with Lesser Magic transfers.
  • New characters now start with 3 starter weapons; sword, staff and bow.
  • Added initial Hotbar slot assignments:
  •           Slot 1 - Leafblade
  •           Slot 2 - Starter Staff
  •           Slot 3 - Starter Bow
  •           Slot 4 - Mana Missile
  •           Slot 5 - Heal Self
  •           Slot 6 - Mana to Stamina
  •           Slot 7 - Stamina to Health
  •           Slot 8 - Health to Mana
  •           Slot 9 - Bindstone Recall
  •           Slot 10 - Rest
  • Starter melee weapons give skill gain on regular weapon skills (not mastery).
  • Starter staff gives skill gain on Lesser Magic school and spells only.
  • Starter bow gives skill gain on regular archery skill (not mastery).
  • Updated and tweaked some default Keymappings:

New Keybindings


Passive Skill Changes:


  • Built effects of many passive skills into starting character:
  •           Armour Proficiency, Armored Archery, Armored Casting, Parry, Constitution, Crouch Walk, Defense, Fortitude, Jump, Reflex, Riding, Rigor, Run, Sprint, Swimming, Willpower
  • Must still buy but have full effect once bought:
  •           Maintenance, Endurance, Fitness, Focus, Muscular, Pack Mule, Perseverance, Spotter, Survivalist, Toughness
  • Changed requirements on the following skills:
  •           Acrobatics - changed requirement to Dexterity.
  •           Dive - changed requirement to Dexterity.
  •           Fleet - changed requirement to 350 Stamina.
  •           Ignore Pain - changed requirement to Strength.
  •           Nimble - changed requirement to Archery 90 only (currently has a second requirement).
  •           Tireless - changed requirement to Strength.
  •           Sturdy – changed to 75 Vitality.
  •           Ingenious – changed to 75 Wisdom.?



  • Reduced Resource Weights to 0.5 on Timber, Stone and Cloth.
  • Reduced Paperdoll Lock delay by 60% (down to 200ms from 500ms).
  • New characters will now start with a care package including a little gold, some reagents, some harvesting tools and a few other things.
  • Keybindings will now auto-save and not require a relog.
  • Hotbars are now saved instantly when modified in game.
  • Changed placements and positions of initial new character UI layout as seen below:


New Starting UI Location


  • Sword and Board bindable on same hotbar slot.
  • Auto-sprint keybind option.




  • Buffing or healing a red or grey player will now turn the caster to rogue status.
  • Casting Telekinesis on another player will now cause minor AOE damage and as a result turn the caster rogue AKA no more endlessly annoying people in NPC towns at the banks without recourse.
  • Party and clan members cannot kill/gank without losing alignment. (forgiving the kill will prevent alignment loss) AKA no more enticing new players to join a clan then bind camping them.




  • Increase ALL applicable ship attributes by 60% across the board:
  •           Yaw rate
  •           Turning acceleration and deceleration
  •           Acceleration
  •           Max Velocity
  •           Reverse Velocity
  • Disabled blinds and screen shake for GMs (lesson learned for video production during Alpha!)
  • NPC Inventory Changes:
  •           Removed wheat from Merchant.
  •           Removed Bread from Dungeon vendors.
  •           Removed Potions from Alchemist.
  • Reduced Refining Time on all applicable skills:
  •           Refining time reduced from 10s-7s to 5s-3.35s.
  • Harvesting Nodes & Speed:
  •           Changed nodes capacity to a random range of 15 to 30 units (with a 2% chance of the a node refilling @ a 2x multiplier).
  •           Increased harvesting speed (meaning reduced time) to 3s @ skill 1, and 2s @ max skill
  • Boat Cost Changes:
  •           Launch
  •                     450 to 250 iron
  •                     2200 to 500 wood
  •                     550 cloth to 250 cloth
  •                     4500 gold to 2500 gold
  •           Sloop / Pinnace
  •                     Removed astrolabe cost
  • Adjusted Chaos Chest loot table and variance for more interesting results.
  • Alignment granularity has been greatly increased (groundwork change for things to come):
  •           Kills and ganks have been adjusted accordingly.
  •           Greater than 100 = ½ alignment for kill, -20 for gank.
  •           100 or less = rest of alignment for kill, - 20 for gank.
  •           < 0 = -50 for kill, -20 for gank.
  •           Churches now give +20 alignment on an 11 hour cooldown.
  • Smelting Requirement modified to be more sensical:
  •           Iron Ingot - 1
  •           Selentine - 20
  •           Veilron - 40
  •           Neithal - 60
  •           Leenspar - 80
  •           Theyril - 100
  • Lesser Magic Requirement changes:
  •           Shield - 10
  •           Eldritch Sphere - 30
  •           Blast - 60
  •           Launch - 80
  •           Burden - 100
  • Home taxes can now only be paid by owners or guests.
  • Dig is now an innate ability and not a skill.
  • System Messages changes:
  •           Disabled tripping messages for enemies.
  •           Disabled harvesting messages for enemies.
  •           Disabled global siege drop messages.
  •           Disabled global siege reminder messages.
  •           Political stance changes/Siege result global messages remain.
  • Increased party size limit to 15.
  • Batch Inventory Move:
  •           Works on Clan / Personal Bank, Backpack, Sell / Trade windows, Strongboxes, House Banks.
  •           Works by using modifier keys Shift or Alt with drag:
  •                     Shift Cascades items (offset top left to bottom right).
  •                     Alt stacks (same position).
  •                     Both options automatically order by damage or durability (whichever is applicable).
  • New loading & splash screen (thanks SuB ZeRo!).
  • Many Installer and Launcher updates:
  •           New lobby music!
  • Tiered Clan Bank:
  •           Clan Bank - Deposit and withdraw access to all clan members.
  •           Captain Bank - Deposit and withdraw access for Captain+ (along with same rules as before for lower ranks).
  • Revamped/Redesigned all crafting windows (except enchanting):
  •           Layout and display changes.
  •           Max button which will set the number of crafted to maximum you can craft.
  •           New bag slot to drop bag into for crafting output.
  • You may notice something new in your backpack after vanquishing a foe.
  • Players can no longer be decapitated.
  • Player skill gain has been removed from all offensive spells as well as melee and ranged. Exempt from this are heals and buff others.

KNOWN ISSUES (no need to report)


  • Sometimes jumping, swinging, harvesting and other sounds do not play upon logging in (Fix: Relog)
  • Animation and sound timing for harvesting is now off due to our speed changes.
  • Ambient background music sometimes does not play on login, or sporadically when entering new areas.
  • Sea towers are off, and will be turned on in a few weeks.