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Patch Notes - August 19th, 2016


PATCH NOTES 8/19/2016

Today we have yet another patch for you as we continue to push forward, enjoy! We also want to remind you that the sea towers are going live starting today. The first sea tower Hellstorm Waters (in the south) will go live at 9 P.M. EST tonight while the sea tower Burning Glory (in the north) will go live at 4 P.M. EST tomorrow. We will be recording these fights and hope to see you all bring your best game out!

  • NOTE: Adding missing crafting stations to hamlets in some cases calls for a reconfiguration of the hamlet itself. Unfortunately, we have discovered that if a building we move is already built in game, it will not reflect the updated position. We realize this may create some visual bugs in hamlets, but there is not much we can do about it at this time unless we do a holding wipe. In addition, Vellenyth and Aer Tithil currently have double of a crafting station (Aer Tithil is missing a workbench), as well as some hamlets have a Smithy that when level 2 are too big for where they were placed. These issues will be fixed next patch.

  • Missing hamlet crafting stations have been added (Oven, Smithy, Thurmagist, Laboratory, Oven)  and reconfigurations done in some case to the following hamlets:
    • Vellenyth
    • Crystal Coast
    • Issar Ruins
    • Mathyra
    • Jeradan
    • Spiral Peak
    • Inmak
    • Elish
    • Inarith
    • Morador
    • Oethrain
    • Rehnagar
    • Velmuna
    • Aer Tithil
    • More to come!
  • Jumpshot is now purchased separately and has a 10% mana penalty.
  • With Aqua and Jumpshot now separated, the remaining skills are pick 2 of 4
    • Mage Hunter
    • Master Scout
    • Mage Killer
    • Mana Shield
  • All Key Chest respawn times have been decreased significantly
  • Siege Stone placement has been changed from 750m to 1001m
  • Clear Thoughts and Insight have been changed to a skill level 1 requirement
  • NPC Vendor buy rate multiplier has been doubled
  • Mysterious Essence global drop rate has been uncapped
  • Hotbar swapping functionality has been added to the hotbar options
  • Food duration is now shown in the tooltip

Thank you for reading and we'll see you tonight at the sea tower! 


  • Gems now sell for their original price or 50% of earlier today
  • Removed gem drops from scumlings and replaced with gold
  • Mobs can no longer be healed or buffed.

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- The Team at Big Picture Games