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Nov 5th Follow-up Patch


Greetings Agonians,


Today we have a follow up for yesterday's patch to adjust some of the drop rates and add in some hotspots with good farming rates for portal shards specifically.

  • The following mobs have had their portal shard loot tables increased, some by a small margin and others by a large margin to be great sources of them:
    • Arthain Hunchback
    • Greater Below
    • Below
    • Cielfey Druid
    • Deathless Mage
    • Elfshade
    • Elfwraith
    • Evil Eye
    • Forest Prophet Female
    • Forest Prophet Male
    • Ghost
    • Gnoll Shaman
    • Goblin Shaman
    • Hooded One
    • Kobold Shaman
    • Malaut Acolyte
    • Malaut Beguiler
    • Melechar Shaman
    • Menhir Aelder
    • Minotaur Shaman
    • Moonbeast Shaman
    • Nahdruk Heretic
    • Oathbound
    • Oathliege
    • Ork Beastmaster
    • Sadayel Shaman
    • Shadow Spirit
    • Snowclan Elder
    • Spell Gazer
    • Svartdvergir Summoner
    • Thainlich
    • Troll Shaman
    • Varangian Runewielder
    • Wildtribe Mage
    • Wildtribe Shaka
  • Portal shard drops from the following have been increased:
    • Large Treasure Maps
    • Medium Treasure Maps
    • Small Treasure Maps
    • Selentine Key Chest
    • Veilron Key Chest
    • Neithal Key Chest
    • Leenspar Key Chest
    • Theyril Key Chest
    • Chaos Chest
  • Villages loot table had a bug that was affecting much of the loot table from calculating correctly causing lower rolls. Fixed the issue and increased portal shard drops and a few other things such as runestones and made tier 4+ a bit more valuable on average.
  • Updated 34 spawns to give more portal shard opportunities, some are very large and valuable for high levels of portal shards specifically.
  • Rare ore golem respawn speeds have been sped up at all 9 golem spawns in the world.
  • Neithal rare ore nodes now spawn on Rubaiyat
  • Theyril rare ore nodes now spawn on Niffleheim

Happy hunting!

-The Team at Big Picture Games