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Launch Recap and Server Status

Greetings Agonians

What a day! We are so very humbled as a team by the amount of people that have come out throughout the last 24 hours to support us during the launch of Darkfall: Rise of Agon. It is unbelievable to see so many veteran and new faces excited about the official release! We would like to thank all of you for your patience as we worked through some of the initial challenges we encountered and wanted to provide a quick recap on the launch.

Server Stability Status

The server hardware has been performing extremely well for us, but as some of you experienced we have had a few crashes over the past 24 hours. It looks like this was game related and caused due to some issues with the mob AI and how it was communicating with our new server infrastructure. We recently put out a patch that we hope has resolved this and have had the servers up and running well for the past few hours.

We will continue to monitor the status of the game to ensure that we can provide as fun of an experience as possible, and we appreciate all of the your patience as we iron out any kinks that arise. Please make sure to let us know of any issues you encounter by submitting a Support Ticket.

To find out the status of the server, please reference this thread for the time being.

Launch Recap

We launched Darkfall: Rise of Agon around 3:30 p.m. EST yesterday, and with it came our Launch Patch. There was quite an initial surge when we first launched the server, but the servers were able to get people into them for some time. We have seen close to 5,000 unique logins over the past 24 hours and hit close to 2,000 concurrent users earlier in the day! 

The Coming Days

The team will be focusing over the next few days on making sure that the server remains stable and that we can provide an enjoyable gaming experience for our players. This includes finding and squashing any bugs that may arise and we thank all of you who have helped us tackle some already.

Once we feel things are well situated we will be shifting our focus back to our Deployable Vendors, craftable deeds, expanding on the available tasks in game, adding in more unique mobs, and continuing to polish the game.

Before we head out we wanted to present the new racial soundtrack for the Humans produced by our composer George. Enjoy guys!

We hope all of you have an exciting and fun weekend in the world of Agon. Make sure to provide us your feedback and we look forward to what the future holds in store!

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- The Team at Big Picture Games