It's the end of 2020!!


Greetings Agonians! Today we have a quick progress report for what is currently in development and a few words to close out the year.

Creshelon Shards

Previously known as relics, Creshelon Shards are new items that will serve as a fun and rewarding challenge to acquire. These items will feature two stat bonuses and two stat penalties, each chosen from a large pool of possibilities. Players can equip up to three shards, for a total of six bonuses and six penalties. With various rarities and item rolls, Creshelon Shards will provide a meaningful long-term pursuit. Will you patiently seek out the specific stat combinations you covet? Perhaps you’ll stumble upon an unusual combination that will create a unique playstyle. The possibilities are endless.


Obelisks are heavily inspired by the Relics system from Unholy Wars. There was a great demand for this feature over the years and we are happy to announce that plenty of progress has been made. Obelisks will appear randomly in the game world, allowing players fortunate (or determined) enough to find them, to bring these items back to their player cities, and empower their clan with powerful benefits. Benefits range from the production of resources to special bonuses to characters. Obelisks will be valuable to possess but will also attract thieves and raiders, as relics can be taken by hostile players. To help facilitate this, obelisks will be stronger when placed in lawless holdings. There will be one obelisk per deity, for a total of twenty, each with a unique benefit. Here are a couple of examples:

  • Obelisk of Melek: Enemy system messages delayed for twenty seconds.
  • Obelisk of Jisune: Gank speed increased by 10%.

More details to come!

Year end thoughts from Andrew:

It has been a long year and we eagerly await the start of the next so we can forget about 2020 as a species! This has been the hardest year many of us have faced in our lives thanks to the global pandemic that has permeated every aspect of many of our lives. As we close this chapter we can look forward to the promises of next year with this pandemic becoming history as we all hopefully return to our regular lives.

We have been involved in the Rise of Agon project for 5 ½ years now, that’s a number that when we started this project we wouldn’t have thought we’d ever hit! Several on the team have been here since the beginning and have been a part of this journey through the highs and lows, to those team members we are extremely grateful for their sacrifices made to keep this dream alive. We have some exciting developments planned for 2021 and a few opportunities that we hope to announce in the next few weeks. Many of the team has been heavily affected by the trials of 2020 but we’re seeing a comeback of a lot of people that is giving us all a healthy dose of optimism going into the new year.

To the thousands of players that have supported us over the years and those that continue to support this labor of love project, we say a heartfelt thank you! We know that along this ride we’ve had to make compromises in order to keep the game running and with minimal development resources it has been far slower than we wanted to develop the game. Thanks for your patience and support over the years! This next year is already shaping up to have big things in store and if our plans work out successfully there will be a lot of good news to share over the next few months so stay tuned!

Let’s all have a safe and more importantly FUN New Year to celebrate the final end of the never-ending year of 2020!!!


The Big Picture Games Team