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Introducing Agon Metrics


Greeting Agonians,

The development team continues to work on our next patch which focuses on the new village capture mechanics, runebooks and Champion mob loot. We expect to have a new build up on the Public Test Server sometime in the next few days, and look forward to your feedback on the village capture mechanics we have been working on.

In other news, our web developers Teemu and Neil have been working on a public resource for you guys and today are officially launching Agon Metrics. This is an online tool that will show information such as player and kill statistics, village capture details and a heat map. The following are some details that are worth noting:

  • Summary page to show your personal player statistics (i.e. Kills / Deaths/ Guild Affiliation / Friends)
  • Top ranked players based on total kills
  • Recent server kill list with finishing blow details
  • Village capture details that show who captured a village and when
  • World heat map showcasing where PvP activity has been occurring (information delayed by 24 hours)
AM Village


AM PvP Statistics


AM Heat Map

We will be expanding on this new tool as it is still in the experimental stage, and would appreciate you reporting any issues that you encounter in the discussion thread that is linked below. We also welcome any other PvP/PvE statistics that you would find helpful that we can display with this tool.

Join us in the discussion.


- The Team at Big Picture Games