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Macroing, Exploiting, Hacking and Chat Policy


As a company we will be taking a strong stance against those who wish to ruin the experience of other players through the use of hacking software or by exploiting in-game mechanics for an unfair advantage. The following is our policy on AFK Macroing, Exploiting and Hacking during Darkfall: Rise of Agon's Beta.

AFK Macroing - Anyone that is suspected of AFK macroing will be sent a message by a GM in order to determine if they are active or not which will need to be responded to in 5 minutes by the player


  • Kick from server


Exploiting - Anyone that is caught exploiting in-game mechanics will have the following penalty given depending on the number of offences that player has had

  • Bugging out monsters by getting them stuck into geometry and taking advantage of it
  • Exploiting geometry such as entering inside rocks, walls, crafting stations, and under buildings with intention to take advantage (Players who have only just logged on and find themselves inside buildings for a few minutes are an exception and must comply when asked to leave the building)
  • Abusing poor monster AI in certain ways that allow you to fight them where they cannot fight back properly (ex: monsters constantly running into a doorway or crevice)
  • Using certain terrain to see through and cast spells through objects to kill monsters


  • In-game warning
  • 6 hour ban
  • 24 hour ban
  • 48 hour ban
  • 72 hour ban


Hacking - Anyone caught utilizing a 3rd party program for their advantage will be dealt with harshly


  • Game character deleted and account permanently banned


In-game Chat - While players are in-game they must abide by the Terms of Service, including sections 9(v.) and 9(vi.) which prohibit the use of "sexually explicit, harmful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene, hateful, or racially or ethnically offensive language within the Game"


  • 1 hour mute and In-game warning
  • 12 hour mute
  • 24 hour mute
  • 48 hour mute
  • 72 hour mute


New Player Chat - This channel is reserved for helping new players along with questions and answers about the game. Players who are found doing otherwise (example: selling items, off-topic discussions like politics and other games, and using the chat outside of helping other players) will receive a temporary mute based on GM's own judgement.


  • 1 hour mute


Please direct any questions on this policy to our discussion thread and enjoy your time in the world of Agon!


- The Team at Big Picture Games