First In-Game Footage

First In-game Footage


Happy Friday everyone,

Today we had plans to release our first community competition, but we had a development occur during the week that made us decide to postpone it for next week instead. You see, our development team has been working around the clock, and on Wednesday of this week they were able to get our remote server online and talking to the game client. This allowed team members of Big Picture Games to log into Darkfall: Rise of Agon remotely for the first time. With our custom built lobby in place we were able to have people from eight different countries connect simultaneously to our servers in New York.

With the ability to now get in game, we decided to put together a video that we hope you all enjoy!




Stay tuned for next week’s Development Blog on Tuesday as well as the start of our first official community competition, and thank you as always for your support.

- The team at Big Picture Games