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First Community Q&A


Thanks again to everyone who has joined us in the last week; our forum activity continues to grow each day and it warms the cockles to see so many old faces returning to the fray. Your shared support and enthusiasm for this project is what drives us all at Big Picture Games and we've never been closer to home.



This week we have been most fortuitous and have been mentioned on the world wide web by some major news sources such as and Massively Overpowered, not to mention our old friend:



I would like to thank these guys for featuring us on their sites. Keep your eyes peeled for more press releases as we move forward.



As stated in the last community update, signups for Alpha will be incoming soon. We will be presenting more details on this next week.


Community Q&A

You have been calling for more information about our vision and we are happy to invite you to put questions to our team and for us to offer a taste of what will make Rise of Agon a unique sandbox experience. Starting this week, I will be reaching out to the community on a weekly basis to gather your questions for our team regarding either our roadmap or general questions on implementations for Rise of Agon. Answers to your questions will be published in future community updates and will allow us to let you in to our ambition and long term plan for building a true sandbox MMORPG.



Post your questions to the team

Thank you!

Thanks for reading; a little less of an update than last week, but big news need not always occur on a Friday!  ;) Keep an eye on us next week.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!