Rise of Agon Early Development Roadmap

Early Beta Development Roadmap


Today we are happy to present our Development Roadmap for our early development stages. Our initial focus is on areas of the game that help with the new player experience as well as changes that have high impact on the game but require lower development cost. Some of the changes will be fairly straightforward, while others will require a larger effort and some research to assess how feasible they are early on. This document does not represent all of the most important issues, but we plan to focus on areas that make the most sense early on.

It is important to note that all of these changes will go through testing and we will be relying heavily on your feedback. We have the great benefit of seeing how some of these changes play out with you, our community, during the development phases and we plan to take full advantage of that. Your feedback and support through this process will be pivotal in our ability to squash bugs and make the kinds of changes needed to improve on the game. 

Here is our initial focus for alpha and closed beta in no particular order. Priorities for all of the following items will rise and fall as the development team familiarizes themselves with the project as well as many other factors. Although this document will provide some basics of the planned changes, finer details will be included in actual patch notes.

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