Development Update Oct 17th, 2019


Greetings Agonians,

Today just a little update about things happening behind the scenes:

We're almost done with most of the new major components and new systems in this update, getting closer to the finish line! We have a regional loot system to add in that will be used for dyes and other items in the future such as Oblivion cards that are a new feature planned for the next patch. We're going to be circling back to polish up dyes, research and add the full UI in for final testing. After that we have the new tutorial to finish building and we'll be closing in on the end of this update's feature list. We know it has been a little long since our last patch however we don't want to rush this patch we're taking our time to get it right, there's a lot of components in it.

New mechanics for the updated new incapacitate rules, looting rules, new 3-way toggle PvP flag and mugging mechanic are finishing through internal testing. Here's a little preview of the new mugging skill:


Mugging will be a skill that can be used by anyone on a player that is incapacitated in any region unless they have their flag set to peaceful in the blue zone. This will grab a bunch of items from a player and deposit them on the ground. We've added more use to the "long press" of holding down the use key. This can be used to pack up mounts, loot containers on the ground or initiate a mugging on a downed player.

Extended Maintenance - Oct 21st, 9:45pm-7am

We will need to have an extended maintenance on Oct 21st due to a data centre migration of our servers in NYC. Our provider was purchased by a larger company over a year ago and is migrating all their NYC servers to their own data centre. This is great news logistically as previous limitations for space will be lifted at this location allowing us more freedom to setup the server cluster better in the future and expand easier. There should be no noticeable negative changes in latency as the location is nearly identical just a different area around NYC. This migration is planned to happen between 10pm-7am. We'll do a controlled shutdown of the servers about 15 min early to be safe.

That's it for now thanks for reading!


- The Team at Big Picture Games