Crog Update Patch Notes - February 11th, 2021


Greetings Agonians,

Today we have what should be our last patch of the Crog cycle. The main focus was on improvements to glyphs and also quite a few bug fixes. We're making good progress on Obelisks and we expect them to be on PTS in the next week or two.

Glyph Changes

  • Rune Glyphs are now invulnerable to capture during the owning clan's invulnerability window
  • Rune Glyphs will now expire 7 days after capturing
  • Rune Glyphs will now provide the same benefits to allies as they do to clan members


  • A holding can no longer go neutral from maintenance due during a siege, it will have a grace period of 2 hours after to pay
  • When a neutral holding is claimed it will no longer have a one week grace period to pay maintenance, it will have 2 hours to pay maintenance.
  • Fixed an issue that caused quest text to be cut off
  • Mount figurines have been returned to original Darkfall Online weight values i.e 100 for normal mounts, bluetails, and 200 for battlehorns.
  • Other figurines also adjusted to original values
  • Bank and guard policy will now load correctly from the new clan window, which in turn allows them to save correctly.

Thank you to everybody as always for the support, and we look forward to the Obelisk patch in the near future.


The Big Picture Games Team