Hammerdale Overview

Community Meetup & Future Updates



Last week we made a number of releases for Darkfall: Rise of Agon:


  • We successfully launched our alpha signups. If you haven't signed up yet you can do so here and join over 1000 people who have already signed up in the first week alone.
  • We unveiled our teaser trailer, available on YouTube.
  • We launched our social media sites on Twitter Facebook. Connect with us for instant updates, announcements and ongoing events.

On behalf of everyone at BPG we would like to thank everyone for their great feedback and support.


Discord Meet up

Thanks for everyone that showed up last Wednesday for our first Community meeting. Don't worry if you missed it as it was a test run for our upcoming meetings, but we touched briefly on our roadmap and had a great chance to get to know some of you.


Each Wednesday for the coming weeks we will be inviting our community to our Community Discord Server at 4pm EST. For one hour we will be engaging with our community regarding specific topics, opening the floor for feedback, ideas and answering your questions. Following this everyone is free to hang out and game with the Rise of Agon team & community.

Next Wedneday 11/18/2015 we will be discussing Skill Gain & The Power Gap! 

Future Updates

The alpha sign-ups have already given us very good indication of what sort of initial demand that we will encounter when alpha goes live. That being said, we are still in licensing negotiations and the process has taken longer than expected. For this reason we feel that having weekly updates without being able to provide new and important information is not only counter-intuitive, but is not a trend that we want to start setting. This being the case, we will be providing updates when we have new information to present on the licensing as well as when to expect an alpha server. In the meantime we will be continuing to communicate with you on our forums and our newly created Discord channel.

We will be moving our Q&A responses from weekly to monthly for similar reasons stated above. When we have concrete information on some of the questions that have been presented we will happily provide you with answers. We want to keep this community engagement relevant and be able to give detailed answers with information that we feel confident of, rather than answer questions simply to fill the void.



Thank you!


Thanks for reading and for all your support.
Have a great weekend & I'll hopefully see you all on Wednesday on Discord.