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Community Competition Winners and NDA Update


Hi everyone,

We would like to start this update off by thanking everyone who submitted an entry into our first ever Darkfall: Rise of Agon community competition. We received a wide assortment of entry types from videos to poems, 3D artwork to voice acting. After reviewing all entries the marketing team presented the top ten to the entire team at Big Picture Games, and everyone voted for their top three entries which we will be presenting here today. With this announcement we are also lifting our NDA for Darkfall: Rise of Agon. We thank you for your feedback throughout our first week of Alpha and for following the NDA that we had in place.

Without further ado, we would like to present our first official community competition winners, as well as our honorable mentions.  Join in on the discussion in this thread here!



1st Place


Title: Age of Darkfall - Documentary

Format: Video

Entry by: MADtheMADDEST





2nd Place


Title: Agon is Rising (Interactive Video)

Format: Video

Entry by: Fenris Rothagar





3rd Place


Title: Darkfall - Rise of Agon Artwork

Format: Artwork

Entry by: SuB ZeRo


SuB ZeRo Artwork Entry

Artwork Album




Honorable Mentions:


Entry by: Connor

Title: 3D Dragon Blade Render

Format: 3D Model


Sketchfab Link

3D Dragon Blade


Entry by: Inositol Rex

Title: 17

Format: Video






Entry by: mirim

Title: Info and Tutorial videos for Spanish players

Format: Website and Helpful Guide

English version:


Entry by: Obeesho

Title: Ork Meeting

Format: Voice acting and original score






Entry by: Sloppy

Title: O to Agon

Format: Poem


O lost World of Agon, sundered from life by wicked Demons,

Once a dream, from the sons of nordic gods,

But never driven from our hearts, your pull too strong!

Your jungles, and rivers, and mountains above,

A backdrop for the life and death of citizens below,

Alight were you with flames of war,

Drenched with the blood of enemies and friends!

We raped your body to build wonderous cities,

But they fell back to dust and decay and to misery,

Your jungles all burned and the rivers all dried.

The mountains crumbled, and took with them the spirit of all,

We hope for you to return in your glory!

What sacrifice can we perform to bring you back?

We call for your return O lost World of Agon!

Rise Agon Rise!

Rise Agon Rise!


Entry by: KingLlama

Title: 3D Staff Model

Format: 3D Model


Sketchfab Link

3D Staff


Entry by: Xipos

Title: Fanmade Trailer

Format: Video






Entry by: Phorr Daewinn

Title: Crafted Infernal Helm

Format: Hand crafted model


Infernal Helm

Full Album


Entry by: Nat Kro

Title: Fan Trailer

Format: Video






Entry by: Avenging Martyr

Title: Going Home

Format: Video






Entry by: Alu Seph

Title: Fire Dragon

Format: Artwork


Fire Dragon


Entry by: Furion

Title: Battle of Bloodscar

Format: Video





Entry by: Zeb

Title: Rise of Agon

Format: Video





Entry by: bmurph101

Title: Rise of Agon, Community Contest

Format: Video





Entry by: Lord Griffon

Title: Home Again, Soon

Format: Video