Combat Changes on PTS


We want to thank everyone for all of the feedback we have received since we put the first patch of combat changes into the live game. In hindsight we could have kept those initial changes on the Public Test Server for a bit longer but the discussions and feedback that has occurred from a larger group of players has helped us get to this next and (hopefully) final step of this balancing phase faster. We have a small patch coming out as a "hotfix" as well to address a few concerns that have arisen.

The following changes will be on the Public Test Server soon for everyone to be able to test. We are releasing this update on the website to get more eyes on it and to encourage more people to log onto the PTS to test.

Once these changes are tested and ready, including any tweaks or alterations that arise from community feedback, we will patch it to the live server. The ultimate goal right now is to create a good baseline of balance in preparation for ways to diversify yourselves such as Relics and other means. This means that once these changes go live into the game we can more easily add new content and things into it with a good base to work with, without the limitations and restrictions we encounter with specializations in game right now.

Upcoming Hotfix Patch:

  • Specializations have been removed
    • Side Step, Double Jump and Archery Jump Shot have been added by default without penalties
  • Cobra staves adjusted to 0.8 speed
  • Sarracenia staves removed of their elemental bonus

Next PTS Combat Changes:

  • Encumbrance has been adjusted to affect magic and archery at a steeper curve
    • Magic:
      • 0-20 encumbrance stays the same as current
      • The effect encumbrance has on the outcome of magic increases every 20 levels for advanced magics (4 Elementals, Necro and Arcane)
      • Advanced magics will reduce in level (1-5) based on encumbrance every 20 levels
        • If you have 80 encumbrance, Wall of Force will now have the effect of a level 1 spell
      • All advanced magics fizzle at or above 100 encumbrance
    • Archery: 0.0577 damage lost per point of encumbrance over 75