Rise of Agon Beta Change Overview

Closed Beta Launch Announcement


Greetings Agonians,

The team at Big Picture Games is happy to announce that on Friday, August 5th, 2016 the Closed Beta development stage of Darkfall: Rise of Agon will begin. Upon server opening our new security enhancements will be implemented along with our first game design patch named Low-Development/High-Impact 1 (LDHI 1). This patch includes many updates to the User Interface, New Player Experience enhancements and Quality of Life changes. The following video goes over some of these changes for your viewing pleasure:



To allow us to gather as much feedback as possible on these initial changes, and to compensate for us moving directly into Closed Beta, the first 14 days of Closed Beta will be free to all users. After the free period ends on August 19th, 2016, anyone with a Founder Pack will have full access to the remainder of this testing phase.

Detailed patch notes of LDHI 1 will be released the day the servers go live, and we are eager to see the feedback from your testing. Here is a quick preview of some things to expect:

User Interface Updates

  •     Ability to cycle spells including by First Available
  •     Ability to auto-cast spells and alter their trigger function
  •     Customizable stat bars

New Player Experience Enhancements

  •     Adjusted stat and skill magnitude curves to decrease the power gap between new and veteran players
  •     Built numerous passives into starting characters by default
  •     Enabled Online Meditation for all skills outside of crafting and masteries/intensifies
  •     Changed default key-bindings and UI placement
  •     Unlocked transfers and all three starting weapon slots for new characters
  •     Starting weapons now provide skill gain on select skills/spells

Quality of Life Changes

  •     Keybind and hotbar changes now save automatically
  •     Ability to loot items and bags with one-click
  •     Batch-move functionality to transfer and sort non-stackable items
  •     Increased ship speeds
  •     Reduced resource weight
  •     Increased party size to 15

And Much More....


We are excited to have you join us during this phase of development as we shift our focus primarily to game design changes and client enhancements.There are many things we have in our pipeline that we are working on and will be continuously updating the game throughout Closed Beta. We look forward to your valuable feedback during this phase of development and would like to thank you for all of the support as we prepared for Closed Beta.

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