Baradron Update Patch Notes - April 26th, 2020


Greetings Agonians,

Today we have a patch based on lot's of feedback that we have received over the past few weeks. The main changes are to champions and trade routes. Thanks to the community for all their great feedback and support.

The notes are as follows:


  • Reduced kill requirement for "bosses" in the boss/minion task line from 5 to 4. Also adjusted rare rewards from these tasks accordingly.
  • In combat stance will no longer be cleared with Panacea potion
  • Sortiledge staff changed to r50 fast staff and elemental bonus removed
  • Increased the possible size of active task tracker
  • Increased the possible size of item counter tracker
  • Announcement removed from globally announced mobs that are half health.

Trade Route Changes

  • Fangwall trade route has been retired and will no longer function
  • Orshak trade route has been cut in half and its end point is in Erland, near Espenhal
  • Orshak no longer accept gold as action cost but will instead accept a Large Resource sack which must be crafted and taken with you to the start point of the trade route where its traded in for the trade pack
  • A new trade route has been created that goes thru blue zone for new players to learn about trade routes and will have a low activation fee in form of a small resource pack and the rewards will be items useful for new player progression
  • New Trade route currencies
  • Small Resource sack is used for Heart of Eanna route it can be crafted for 1000 gold, 50 iron ore, 50 stone, 50 Oak planks
  • Large Resource Sack is used for Orthok route it can be crafted for 10000 gold, 100 iron ore, 100 stone, 100 Oak Planks and 2 sage wood

Champion Changes

  • Champion Loot tables have been tweaked to reflect the new changes to elixirs and champ weapons
  • Extracts will replace the elixir rewards on champs, these can be used to craft 120 stat potions
  • Idol of Damnation and Misery will replace weapon rewards and can be used to craft champ weapons
  • Old 110 to 120 stat potion recipe removed and replaced with an extract recipe that takes 1 x 110 potion, 1 empty bottle, 2k gold and makes 2 extract of the specified attribute
  • Elixir potions can be crafted with 20 extracts, 1000 gold and 1 empty bottle and creates 1 elixir of specified potion.
  • Each champ weapon can now be crafted as a mastery 100 craft
  • Champion Bow will take 5000 gold, 100 oak planks and 20 Idol of Damnation
  • Champion Polearm and Greatsword will take 5000 gold, 100 iron ingot and 20 idol of Misery
  • Champion Knife, Greatclub and Greataxe will take 5000 gold, 100 iron ingot and 20 idol of Damnation

That's all for today, we hope everybody has a great day and continues to stay safe during this pandemic.


The Big Picture Games Team