Baradron Update Patch Notes - April 18th, 2020


Greetings Agonians,

We have a small patch today to make some tweaks and adjustments to some existing systems that needed changes and also another batch of toys for this weeks Scavenger Hunt. Notes as follows:


  • All dye ingredients including pigments and everything needed in dye recipes has been moved to the standard loot pool. This should provide a much more consistent experience for farming these materials.
  • Both types of Fortress loot rewards will now go to the backpack of the person who captured the fortress
  • Village loot will now go to a random party member while we work on expanding the party leader features
  • Ten new toys added for this weeks Scavenger Hunt (Clues and Thread coming shortly)
  • Weight info added to Maintenance Deeds they should now be able to be split in stacks
  • Fix for Alberworth and surrounding tiles accidentally being changed to lawful when Gulghat was moved last week
  • Tongue Rot disabled from meditation
  • Ghost Claw one-hand changed back to arcane and damage increased

Weekly Notes Roundup

  • Removed mana penalty from legacy unfazed skill extension.
  • Villages had their rewards tweaked.
  • Chaldean Treasure Map loot tweaks.
  • 4 new Chaldean Gem Pouches added to Chaldean Treasure Map, Chaldean Gem Pouches give a random amount of Q6 gems depending on the rarity of the pouch, each pouch have a fixed number of gems it gives and then up to 2 bonus gems for a maximum of of 6 Q6 enchanted gems.
  • Tongue Rot disabled for now
  • Client optimizations mainly to help with invisible mob issues
  • Fixed an issue with some monster toy icons
  • Added a name veiling token to the nithron store, this token will hide previous aliases before the point of use

That's all for today, we hope everyone has a great weekend. Don't forget to check out Got Faced's Royale event that is happening this tonight 2 v All


The Big Picture Games Team